‘INC and INDIA bloc trying to undermine integrity of electoral process,’ says Piyush Goyal after EC visit | India News

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NEW DELHI: Union minister Piyush Goyal, accompanied by finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman, visited the Election Commission on Sunday to meet the Chief Election Commissioner and other officials. They urged the Commission to implement several critical measures to safeguard the integrity of India’s electoral process.
Goyal alleged that certain political parties, led by the Indian National Congress and its INDI alliance partners, along with some civil society groups and NGOs, are attempting to undermine the electoral process.
“We had to call upon ECI today, in light of the repeated attempts by a section of the political parties led by the Indian National Congress and their INDI alliance partners and certain motivated civil society groups and NGOs who are trying their level best to undermine the integrity of India’s electoral process. Their efforts against India’s robust electoral process are a direct attack on our democratic institutions,” he said.
During the meeting, the delegation outlined four key requests aimed at ensuring the integrity of the electoral process. Goyal said that, he emphasized the need for all officials involved in the counting process to be thoroughly familiar with the prescribed procedures and to strictly adhere to all Election Commission protocols.
Additionally, he highlighted the importance of guaranteeing the safety and security of the electoral process during both the counting and the announcement of results. Goyal also urged the Election Commission to recognize and address systematic attempts to undermine the electoral process and to take stringent action against those responsible for such activities.
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