If You Love Chocolates, You Have To Visit Mozimo, Chandigarh – An Innovative Cafe And Chocolate Shop Youll Fall In Love With

Chocolate, the universal language of indulgence, has an uncanny ability to uplift spirits with its velvety richness and tantalizing aroma. It’s the ultimate comfort food, a guilty pleasure that transcends age, culture, and occasion. Yet, for the discerning connoisseur, settling for anything less than premium quality is simply unacceptable. While commercial chocolates saturate the market, often falling short on taste and texture, indulging in imported premium chocolate can sometimes feel like a luxury beyond reach. Enter Mozimo, the perfect destination for chocolate aficionados seeking the perfect balance of quality and affordability.

What Is Mozimo Chocolates? 

Mozimo isn’t just your average chocolate shop; it’s an innovative cafe and chocolate Experience Centre that redefines the culinary landscape of Chandigarh. Since its launch in late 2023 by Amritanshu Agarwal & Priyanka Gupta (of Hops & Grains and The Great Bear fame), Mozimo has proudly stood as the pioneer of India’s premier European-crafted bean-to-bar artisanal chocolate. Every creation at Mozimo is a meticulously crafted piece, offering an immersive journey into the world of decadence and luxury. During my visit, I had the pleasure of experiencing the richness and freshness of Mozimo’s creations first-hand. The visit to Mozimo was a feast for the senses, an unparalleled chocolate experience unlike any other.

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Mozimo Is The Newest Sensation In Chandigarh:

Mozimo has quickly become the talk of the town in Chandigarh. The city is my hometown and I still have family and a lot of friends there. As soon as I mentioned Mozimo, they already knew about it. Not only that, they also told me that it is the newest go-to place for dessert lovers. Naturally, it piqued my curiosity and I wanted to visit the place more than ever.

My Experience At Mozimo:
Warning: You’ll badly crave the chocolates!

From the moment I stepped inside, the aroma of chocolate enveloped me, working up my appetite for an unforgettable chocolatey adventure ahead. From raw, textured barks to opulent dark chocolate bars, Mozimo tantalizes the senses with its luscious array of pralines, classic dragees, whimsical rocky chunks, and comforting hot chocolates. The cafe’s chocolate-inspired studio is a haven for chocolate enthusiasts, offering a variety of flavours harmoniously paired with fruits, nuts, spices, and savoury delicacies. And a host of beautiful gift hampers that you just can’t ignore.

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I sampled some of the creations and it was an eye-opening experience when Amritanshu explained the correct way of chocolate tasting. I could feel the elementary form of each ingredient in the chocolate creations. I tried a variety of chocolate barks and pralines and all of them were better than the other.

The Mango Gelato was to die for. It was refreshing, delicious and oh-so summery. Roasted Hazelnut Gelato was my 2nd favourite. The essence of hazelnuts shone through this cool delight. And if you love hazelnuts, you’ll also love the Hazelnut spread. Lick it off the bottle or smear it on our toasts, and you’ll have a guaranteed drool-worthy mouthfeel.

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Now, with all these delicacies in my stomach, I craved a nice drink and went for the Classic Cold Coffee and well, I have to admit it was way better than the ones you get at regular cafes.

During my visit, I noticed people thronging the cafe to have a relaxing time with loved ones over chocolates, desserts and beverages. Besides indulging in chocolates, Mozimo is the perfect place for a coffee date. On their menu is a range of hot and cold coffee beverages. Come winter, I am sure the Hot Chocolate will sell like ‘hot cakes.’ The Waffles looked tempting too. Since I was already full, I kept it on my bucket list for the next visit.

So, is the hype around Mozimo real?

As I savoured each bite of their delectable offerings, it became evident why Mozimo has garnered such widespread acclaim. A chocolate shop, dessert parlour, coffee shop – all rolled into one! How can anyone not like it? Add to it the subtle elegance of Italian aesthetics, the serene ambience which pays tribute to the time-worn beauty of Venetian structures. Plus, the French music levelled up the atmosphere and our mood.

But wait, there’s more! I got a tour of the entire shop, including the in-house chocolate factory!

The Tour Of Mozimo Chocolate Factory: 

Yes, Mozimo makes their own chocolates. I got a chance to see the in-house chocolate factory and understand how chocolates are created from scratch. It is a meticulous but interesting process and the owner explained it really well … with a lot of passion!

The cocoa beans sourced from Kerala undergo the intricate processes of roasting, cracking, winnowing, and refining on-site through the integration of European methodologies and cutting-edge machinery. Impressive, right?

And then it was time to see the chocolate ageing cellar, where the alchemy of cocoa infusion occurs. The chocolates are aged for months, some for years, the result is mind-blowingly delicious chocolates! I admit I wanted to stay in the cellar for as long as possible and soak in the divine aroma that the ageing chocolates exuded. From the vibrant workshop to the bustling live kitchen and the serene chocolate ageing cellar – I got to see it all under one roof.

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Now, let me take you through Mozimo’s journey – how it all began:

The story of Mozimo is one of passion, dedication, and a relentless pursuit of perfection. In approximately 2021, the visionary proprietors, Amritanshu Agarwal & Priyanka Gupta, embarked on a quest for the quintessential chocolate experience, traversing markets and hubs of the chocolate industry across India, Dubai, and Europe. Their journey led them to secluded cocoa plantations in South India, where they cultivated bonds with growers committed to sustainable and ethical methodologies. Armed with cutting-edge machinery from Europe, they set out to infuse an artisanal essence into their chocolate creations, thus laying the foundation for Mozimo’s culinary odyssey.

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Mozimo’s Eco-Friendly Initiatives:

Central to Mozimo’s ethos is a steadfast dedication to sustainability, championing the use of eco-conscious packaging and sourcing premium cocoa exclusively from regions free from slavery. By embracing zero preservatives and additives, Mozimo not only produces wholesome delicacies but also lessens the strain on natural resources and the ecosystem. From paper and glass containers to paper, jute, and cloth bags, Mozimo’s commitment to sustainability is evident in every aspect of its operation.

Mozimo is a culinary destination that celebrates the artistry, passion, and heritage of chocolate-making. Whether you live in Chandigarh or visiting ‘The City Beautiful’, a visit to Mozimo is a must. I am already waiting to go back there but till then, I’m longing for their Mango Sorbet!

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