Healthy Pasta Recipe: This Zero-Oil Romesco Pasta Will Make Your Binge-Eating Sessions Guilt-Free

Whenever I go out with friends, the one thing that I don’t forget to order is pasta. It is versatile, creamy and full of flavours, which makes it a hit amongst people of all age groups. But, most of the pasta recipes prepared by restaurants are high in calories (due to butter and cream) and less in nutrients which often leaves me feeling guilty for indulging in it. This is why I am always looking for easy and nutritious pasta recipes to cook for guilt-free snacking. Do you also relate to my situation? If yes, then I have come to your rescue!

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Chef Guntas Sethi (@chefguntas) has shared an easy recipe of romesco pasta on her Instagram handle, that is made with zero oil but is high in protein and flavours. 

Watch the full video of zero-oil romesco pasta recipe below:

How To Make Zero-Oil Romesco Pasta At Home | Romesco Pasta Recipe 

Chef Guntas Sethi shared an easy recipe for zero-oil Romesco pasta on her Instagram handle. To make romesco pasta, start by taking some bell peppers and tomatoes and slicing them into small pieces. Take a baking sheet and line it with parchment paper. Now place the cut vegetables along with some garlic and salt on the tray and let it bake for some time. In the meantime, toast some almonds.

Once the vegetables are ready, transfer them to a blender along with some toasted almonds, sun-dried tomatoes, paneer, Italian seasoning, and milk of your choice. Blend and make it into a smooth paste. Take a bowl full of cooked pasta and top it with blended sauce. Mix well and garnish with some chilli flakes and basil leaves. And it’s ready!

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You can easily make zero-oil chicken wings at home.
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Zero-Oil Recipes To Try This Week

If you are health-conscious and a fan of zero-oil dishes, then we have got you covered. Try these desi and easy-to-make zero-oil dishes at home:

1. Zero-Oil Chicken Wings

Crispy and flavourful, zero-oil chicken wings are made in an air fryer with flour buttermilk and spices. While eating, you won’t notice that these wings have no oil! Serve them alongside a dip of your choice. Find the full recipe for zero-oil chicken wings here.

2. Zero-Oil Chicken Masala

If you are a non-vegetarian lover, then this recipe will surely take your tastebuds on a rollercoaster ride. Tender chicken pieces cooked in spices but no oil to give you a guilt-free indulgence. Find the full recipe for zero-oil chicken masala here.

3. Almond Kofta

Yes! Kofta can easily be prepared without frying! Almond kofta is an easy recipe that requires zero oil to give you a superior taste. Instead of deep frying, the kofta balls are baked and then put in the creamy gravy. Find the full recipe of Almond Kofta here.

4. Fish Curry

Seafood lovers, attention! Fish curry is loaded with the richness of whole fish and aromatic coconut flavour, but zero oil! You can pair this with roti or rice. Find the full recipe here.

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