Hassan LS seat: 15 candidates remain in fray

After the deadline to withdraw the nomination papers, on Monday, 15 candidates remained in the fray for the Hassan Lok Sabha seat.

Following is the list of candidates in the fray. Gangadhar Bahujan (BSP), Prajwal Revanna (JD-S), Shreyas M. Patel (INC), Devarajachari M.Y. (Karnataka Rashtra Samiti), S.K. Ningaraj (Bahujan Bharat Party), Pratap K.A. (Uttam Prajakiya Party) H.D. Revanna (Purvanchala Mahapanchayat), Shivaraj B. (Republican Party of India Bharat).

Independent candidates: K.R. Gangadharappa, Basavaraj J.D., R.J. Sathish, Santhosh B.N., Siddabhovi, B.N. Suresh, and Hemanth Kumar.

Earlier, 21 candidates had filed nomination papers.

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