Google Podcasts Is Dead: Use These 5 Apps To Transfer Your Podcast Library

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Google has killed the Podcast app but you can choose any of these apps

Google has killed the Podcast app but you can choose any of these apps

We have found five excellent substitutes for Google Podcasts, which are no longer available, to let you enjoy audio again.

Google officially discontinued the Google Podcasts app on April 2. Google announced the closing of Google Podcasts in a blog post in 2023, stating that the firm plans to focus more on audio and video podcasts through YouTube Music. Although the app has been discontinued in the United States, it will no longer be available to users in other parts of the world later this year.

If you are wondering what to do next, here are some of the top Google Podcasts alternatives to keep you listening.


Spotify is a popular name when it comes to audio streaming. With over five million shows in an ever-expanding collection, this platform has made great progress in the podcasting space. Although the free version lacks offline playback and has advertisements, the premium version removes these restrictions and unlocks more features.

Pocket FM

Since its inception in 2018, this Indian app has rocketed to the top of the charts. Pocket FM takes a novel approach, providing bite-sized audio series with brief episodes. While some content is free, users can access additional shows and episodes by purchasing “coins” within the app. Pocket FM’s collection exceeds 100,000 hours of content, ensuring an endless supply of enjoyment. Its thriving creative community ensures a continual stream of engaging stories brought to life by talented storytellers and voice-over artists.

Pocket Casts

Pocket Casts, as the name suggests, focuses on convenience. This free app, available for Android, iOS, and the web, makes it easier to find, organise, and listen to your favourite podcasts. Pocket Casts has features including filters for discovering certain episodes, an “Up Next” queue, and connection with smart speakers such as Sonos and Alexa. While streaming content requires an internet connection, episode files can be downloaded and played offline.

Apple Podcasts

If you’re an Apple fan, staying with the company’s native podcast app may be your best bet. Apple Podcasts provides a seamless listening experience based on your preferences, including personalised suggestions and curated selections. There are over 750,000 shows available in a variety of genres, so you’re sure to find something to catch your eye. Not to mention the extra benefits like seamless cross-Apple device syncing and bonus content.


Finally, but just as importantly, audible provides a distinctive fusion of podcasts, spoken word content, and audiobooks. Over 4,00,000 well-known podcasts are available on this Amazon-owned channel, including the critically acclaimed Audible Originals series. Audible offers a vast assortment of content to suit a variety of interests, including language lessons, sound baths, radio plays, dramatisations, and more.

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