Google Messages Will Soon Let You Send Multiple Photos: Know More

Last Updated: March 27, 2024, 16:13 IST

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Messages app has made it hard to share multiple photos for a long time.

Messages app has made it hard to share multiple photos for a long time.

Google Messages app comes pre-installed on millions of Android phones but its feature limitations force people to use other apps.

Google Messages is the standard messaging app for Android and used by millions. But most people struggle with its limitation when it comes to photo sharing. If you wish to share more than one image, do it one at a time. According to a new claim, Google Messages will ultimately allow you to transmit multiple photos at once.

As per reports, the image sharing feature on Google Messages could get some upgrades soon. Currently, the RCS-powered messaging service (Rich Communication Services) does not allow users to add multiple photographs captured by the phone’s camera at the same time.

Users must attach photographs one at a time, which can be inconvenient, especially in a rush. The new enhancement not only gives the opportunity to swiftly email numerous photographs captured by the camera, but it also includes a new preview screen.

The feature was discovered by tipster Assemble Debug in the most recent beta version of Google Messages, the report adds. According to the tipster, the app now has a redesigned preview page that includes two new functions but also removes one. It should be noted that the method for picking existing photographs from the gallery or folders remains the same and that the improvements only apply to images captured while using the app.

The messaging app provides users with an in-app camera, eliminating the need to exit the app to take photographs and then return to submit them. Instead, when communicating with another person, users can tap the camera-and-gallery icon next to the text field. This displays the phone’s most recent photographs, as well as the opportunity to select folders and a little camera window.

This camera window enables users to rapidly take a picture by hitting the capture button. There are additional options for switching to the front camera and recording a video. Unfortunately, the small window cannot be extended. Currently, after clicking an image, users are led to a preview screen with three options: edit, download, or attach the image. Attaching it returns the user to the previous screen, where they can click another picture.

Some people may find Google Message’s present flow for sending numerous images after clicking on them annoying. However, the tipster points out that with the new version, the preview screen now displays an Add more option, allowing the user to click more photographs in a more comfortable flow.

Furthermore, the Attach option has been replaced with transmit, which allows users to transmit images directly. Users can now add captions directly in the preview window, which is also a new feature.

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