Google Likely To Bring Circle to Search On Chrome For Desktop Users: All Details

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Circle to search made its debut with the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra this year

Circle to search made its debut with the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra this year

Google introduced its new AI-powered circle to search with select premium smartphones this year but web integration could make it a real success.

Google’s Circle to Search feature has garnered significant attention. Initially available on the Samsung Galaxy S24 series and select Pixel devices, a version for iOS users has also been unveiled. Due to its growing popularity, there are speculations about an upcoming desktop version for Chrome browsers.

Google Chrome’s current integration with Google Lens allows users to learn more about text or photos on websites as well as uncover visually related images elsewhere online. Google is now working on a new update that will further enhance this experience.

An X user shared a hint about the introduction of the AI-powered feature circle-to-search on Chrome. “The new Lens UI in Chrome now has an animation that is similar to what you see when you activate Android’s “Circle to Search” (in case there was any doubt that this feature will be Chrome’s version of “Circle to Search.),” read the post.

The demo video shared by the user demonstrates that clicking a lens symbol in the toolbar transforms the cursor into a camera icon. Then you may click and drag it over anything on your screen. A window will appear from the right, displaying search results relevant to what is in the circled region.

The Circle to Search feature lets you gather information about anything on your smartphone’s screen without actually switching apps. Hold down the home button on your Android smartphone to activate the feature. Simply circle any object or text on the screen with your finger or a suitable pen. A little chunk appears from the bottom, displaying any available information about what’s inside the circle for quick and easy reference.

The launch date for this functionality remains uncertain, as indicated by a demo video showing it’s still in development. Nevertheless, its eventual release promises to streamline and enhance Google searches on laptops and desktops.

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