Google Is Testing Bottom Search Bar Redesign On Android: Report

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Google continues to test and launch new AI features

Google continues to test and launch new AI features

Google is ready for a major design change for Android users and changing the position of the search bar could be one of many to come.

Google is once again experimenting with the look of its app for Android users. The most recent experiment involves a makeover of the bottom search bar, which was first launched in 2021 and then updated in late 2023. According to reports, this time, Google is testing a Material 3 bottom bar layout with a built-in search field.

When using Google Search on Android, a lucky user came across this revamped bottom bar. This update includes Material 3 components, including a pill-shaped tab indicator that was previously seen on iOS but was removed from Android after a brief appearance.

According to a report by 9to5Google, the restoration of these design features is intended to improve the consistency of the Google app across platforms. A tall search field stands above the bottom bar, which was previously only available in the top area of the Discover stream.

In the current redesign, this search area remains visible even on the Search results page, albeit some users feel its size to be exaggerated. Despite potential space constraints, the redesign eliminates the requirement for the “Google” logo at the top, replacing it with quick access to Search filters.

The Dynamic Colour feature is replaced by the default blue tint, which provides a more obvious contrast with the Search results page. Overall, this revamp of the Google app’s bottom search bar offers it a more modern appearance, answering criticisms about its age.

On the other hand, Google is thinking about charging for its Search Generative Experience (SGE) function. SGE provides consumers with an AI-powered search experience and was launched about a year ago.

According to recent reports, Google is investigating the possibility of integrating some AI-powered search features into its premium subscription services, even if they were first only accessible through Search Labs.

This change might add SGE and Gemini Advanced to the $19.99 Google One AI Premium tier. Google assures users that there are no intentions to remove advertisements from the standard Google Search experience.

Additionally, Google officials are still debating whether to implement this subscription-based model and have taken into account many options, including providing some SGE services to free users.

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