Google Chrome Security Alert From CERT-In For PC Users In India: What We Know

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The latest CERT-In warning for Chrome users on Windows, macOS and Linux is big

The latest CERT-In warning for Chrome users on Windows, macOS and Linux is big

Chrome desktop, macOS and Linux users in the country have got a major security alert that needs to be taken seriously.

Google Chrome is used by millions in the country and the Indian government has raised a major security alert for all of them. The warning comes via the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) once again this month, and the high severity rating of the security threat is likely to make people worried about the web browser and the possible risks associated with using it.

Chrome Security Alert: What Does CERT-In Say

As highlighted in its June 2 security bulletin, the CERT-In says, “Multiple vulnerabilities have been reported in Google Chrome for desktop which could be exploited by a remote attacker to execute arbitrary code on the targeted system.”

It further adds that, “these vulnerabilities exist in Chrome for desktop due to Use after free in Media session, dawn and presentation API, out of bounds memory access in keyboard, out of bounds write in Streams API and heap buffer overflow in Web RTC.”

In simple words, if the attacker manages to bypass the security of the system and exploit these issues, they can get the victim to visit a targeted malicious website which can be very dangerous.

Chrome Desktop Security Issue: Which Platforms Are Affected

If you have been using Chrome on either Windows, macOS or a Linux machine, you need to check if these versions of the web browser are running on either of your machines:

– Google Chrome versions prior to 125.0.6422.141/.142 for Windows and Mac

– Google Chrome versions prior to 125.0.6422.141 for Linux

Chrome Security Warning: What Should Users Do

The CERT-In alert has listed down the best way to prevent these issues affecting your devices. Chrome users must download the latest available software update for Google Chrome on Windows, macOS and Linux.

How to install the latest version? Go to the three-dot menu on Chrome – Settings – About – Update Chrome. Google has listed the security fixes that come with the stable channel update.

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