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In the golden era of the 1980s, a love story unfolded that seemed straight out of a novel. The tale of Rajinikanth and Latha Rangachari began with a simple interview and blossomed into a lifelong partnership that has spanned over four decades. Their relationship is a testament to the enduring power of love, support, and mutual respect.
The first meeting
Rajinikanth, an emerging superstar at the time, was working on the sets of his first feature-length comedy, ‘Thillu Mallu.’ During the filming, he was scheduled for an interview with a college magazine.The interviewer was Latha Rangachari, a young English literature student from Chennai’s Ethiraj College. Despite the difference in their worlds, sparks flew during that interview as they discovered common interests, particularly their shared connection to Bengaluru. Latha’s family owned a home in the city where Rajinikanth had once worked as a bus driver, which sparked a meaningful conversation between them.Rajinikanth was immediately drawn to Latha and resolved to marry her. Latha insisted that Rajinikanth seek her parents’ approval, in keeping with Indian family traditions. Seeking guidance from industry veterans, including Latha’s brother-in-law, comedian Y G Mahendran, Rajinikanth eventually won her family’s approval. The couple were married on February 26, 1981, at Balaji Temple in Tirupathi.
The pillar of Rajinikanth’s success
Rajinikanth has often credited Latha for being the bedrock of his success and healthy lifestyle. In an interview with The Indian Express, he revealed how her unwavering support helped him overcome his early life’s detrimental habits. “When I was a bus conductor, due to the friendship of some wrong guys, I had many bad habits. I used to eat mutton twice a day, drink daily, and smoked countless cigarettes. After entering the cinema, these habits only grew worse,” he confessed. Rajinikanth attributes his transformation to Latha’s love and the right medical guidance. “She changed me with her love. Thanks to YG Mahendra for introducing us,” he added.

The tale of Rajinikanth and Latha Rangachari exemplifies how love and compassion can profoundly impact lives. Their relationship highlights the crucial role of mutual support in navigating life’s ups and downs. Rajinikanth’s immense success and healthy lifestyle stand as tributes to Latha’s pivotal influence, illustrating that behind every accomplished individual, there is often an equally extraordinary partner.

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