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Modern relationships and marriages are complex, and adding to it more young people in Japan are now switching to a new kind of relationship called Friendship Marriage. While it isn’t a traditional marriage it is also not a marriage of convenience where best friends get married to each other. So what is Friendship Marriage and why are more people in Japan opting for it? Read on to know more.
All about Friendship Marriage
Instead, as the name suggests, Friendship Marriage is a kind of relationship where two people are legally marriage to each other and might even have children together, but they would consciously decide to not have any physical or romantic intimacy with each other. And so, they generally choose other medical ways to have children together.
Thousands of people in Japan are involved in Friendship Marriages, reports suggest. According to data shared by Colorus– an agency that specialises in friendship marriage, roughly 500 people in Japan are in Friendship Marriages since 2015. Colorus also shared that many couples generally discuss and have agreements about various aspects of their lives before getting married in this kind of arrangement. They discuss meal preferences, interests, expenses, parenting styles and much more as the idea is to have a compatible roommate to live with, sans the romantic aspects of a relationship.
The data on Friendship Marriages in Japan also reveal that most people who opt for this kind of an arrangement have an above average income, and they are usually asexual or homosexual. Also, they are generally looking for long-term companionship rather than a traditional marriage which would include physical and emotional intimacy and financial co-dependency.
Explaining the concept of Friendship Marriages which is quite popular in Japan, a marriage lawyer named Zhao Li termed it as, “More than friends, less than lovers.”
Meanwhile, another new relationship trend that is gaining popularity in India and the West is Sleep Divorce. Sleep Divorce is is not a traditional divorce between people; it is a term used when a couple decides to sleep separately on different beds while still being much married, in love, and committed to each other. The idea being that such couples prioritise a good night’s sleep due to various reasons like different work schedules, sleep patterns, one person snoring, etc.
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