Former Mala block president to don the role of palliative caregiver

Sandhya Naison, who recently concluded her term as the president of Mala block panchayat, is now embarking on a new journey in the field of in-patient care. She has commenced a ten-month care-giving course at NIPMR (National Institute of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation), an institution that provides scientific support for bedridden patients.

Having previously served as the president of Aloor panchayat for five years, Ms. Naison brings with her eight years of hands-on experience in palliative units operated by local bodies. The scarcity of trained caregivers in the region has become a significant challenge due to the growing number of individuals in need of care.

Ms. Naison’s interest in this field dates back to her childhood, as she had been caring for her mother-in-law for thirteen years. Upon completing the Rehabilitation Council of India certificate course, she aspires to deliver scientific care akin to that provided at NIPMR.

C. Chandrababu, executive director of NIPMR, said the course will be led by doctors, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, psychologists, and nutritionists. In addition to the comprehensive training offered at NIPMR, participants will also have the opportunity to gain practical experience in pain and palliative care units within local institutions.

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