Fit To Play “Another 3 Years”, Dinesh Karthik Reveals Real Reason Behind Retirement

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Dinesh Karthik in action for RCB© AFP

Dinesh Karthik retired from the Indian Premier League (IPL) following Royal Challengers Bengaluru’s exit from the competition in 2024. Karthik, hailed as one of the finest Indian finishers in recent times, was one of the top performers for RCB once again as he scored 326 runs at a strike rate of 187.36. In a conversation with Cricbuzz, Karthik opened up about his decision and said that although he is physically fit to play for “another three years”, it was the mental side of the sport that led to him hanging his boots. He added that he was doubtful about his ability to play such long tournaments.

“I think I am physically very much prepared to play for another three years. Especially with the Impact Player rule, it becomes that much easier. So in terms of playing the sport, easily I think I could’ve pushed for another cycle. I don’t have too many issues in my life. Touch wood, I have never missed a game because of an injury through my three decades. I’ve been blessed that way. I was never worried about my body or my fitness. It was all about the mental side of things, whether I’ll be able to push as much in the lead-up to the tournament, whether if I don’t play as many matches, will I be okay with it.”

Karthik further said that he felt that he was not able to push himself mentally and the fact that it is very difficult for him to find a spot in the Indian cricket team also contributed to his decision.

“I am a big believer of whatever I look to do, I try to give it 100% commitment and do whatever I can to be the best in that. And I thought from hereon for me to play X amount of matches is going to be hard. Mentally pushing myself for so long in terms of doing everything in the lead-up, even if I falter a little bit I wouldn’t be… even though from the outside people wouldn’t know, but internally I would find it very hard and I would be living with guilt. I don’t want that,” he added.

“Taking all that into account, I thought this is the time [to retire]. And most importantly, the fact that no matter what I do, I cannot play for India again was very evident. So it was the last nail in the coffin.”

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