Elevate Your Weekend With Korean Flavours: 5 Lip-Smacking Snacks To Try

What does an ideal weekend look like to you? If you ask us, we’d say a spread with lots and lots of good food. While the idea of a perfect weekend may be different for everyone, food ends up taking centre stage in whatever we plan to do. It could be a brunch with your friends or a dinner with your family; the focus of attention is always food. If you’re planning to host a get-together this weekend, we are sure you must be on the hunt for snack ideas. Of course, you must have some go-to recipes that you always fall back on. But at times, we want to make something entirely different. Let’s make things easier for you by introducing you to some lip-smacking Korean snack recipes. They are super easy to make and will make your weekend a lot better.
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Korean Snacks: Here Are 5 Lip-Smacking Korean Snacks For The Weekend:

1. Korean Cauliflower Wings (Our Recommendation)

We usually associate wings with only chicken. But here’s a delightful vegetarian version made using cauliflower. They offer the same crunch that you would expect from regular crispy chicken wings. The best part is that these ones are made in an air fryer instead of the traditional deep-frying method, making them healthier. Click here for the complete recipe for Korean Cauliflower Wings.

2. Korean Corn Dog

Hot dogs are an all-time favourite snack. They are perfect to enjoy on the go and do not disappoint in flavour. This Korean version includes stuffed sausages that are battered and then deep-fried until golden and crispy. Serve them to your guests for your weekend get-together, and they’ll surely be impressed. Drizzle with mustard sauce and enjoy! Find the complete recipe for Korean Corn Dog here.

3. Korean Garlic Cheese Buns

Cheese has the power to make any snack taste better. These Korean garlic cheese buns are a perfect example. They offer a combination of sweet and savoury flavours and are something you should not miss trying. The bun is so gooey and flavourful that it’ll leave you asking for more. Top it with chilli flakes for a kick of spice. Click here for the complete recipe for the Korean Garlic Cheese Bun.

4. Korean Egg Rolls

If you’re looking for a healthier snack option, this recipe is just for you. Unlike Indian egg rolls that are wrapped in roti or paratha, these ones are made with eggs alone. They are mildly spiced and perfect for those who like to keep things simple. Relish them warm along with your favourite beverage on a chilly winter evening. Find the complete recipe for Korean Egg Rolls here.
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5. Korean Fire Chicken

Chicken lovers in the house, how can we forget you? Here’s a lip-smacking Korean chicken snack that you’re going to love. Staying true to its name, you can expect a fiery flavour in each bite. It has an irresistible crispy texture, and the melted cheese on top makes it taste even more divine. Want to give it a try? Click here for the complete recipe for Korean Fire Chicken.

Which of these Korean snacks are you going to try first? Tell us in the comments below!

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