Drug lawsuit against Snapchat can move forward: US judge

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Relatives of more than 60 children and teens in the US who overdosed on a drug called fentanyl sued Snapchat parent Snap in 2022. The family members of the affected teens accused the social media company of facilitating illegal deals which involve drugs like this.
According to a report by TechCrunch, a Los Angeles judge has ruled that the lawsuit blaming Snapchat for a series of drug overdoses among young people will proceed. The report claims that the parents and family members who are involved in the lawsuit are being represented by the Social Media Victims Law Center. This law firm specialises in civil cases against social media companies to make them “legally accountable for the harm they inflict on vulnerable users.”
What is Fentanyl
Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid and is deadlier than heroin. This drug is cheap to produce and often sold disguised as other substances. It can also prove lethal even in extremely small doses.
How the lawsuit alleges Snapchat
The lawsuit, which was filed in 2022 and updated last year, claims Snapchat executives ignored evidence on their platform that allegedly “provided a safe haven” for drug dealers targeting minors. The complaint also details fatal overdoses which allegedly linked to drug purchases conducted on the social media platform.

“Snap knew for years its features, like disappearing messages, were being exploited by dealers,” says Matthew P. Bergman, founder of the Social Media Victims Law Center.

What Snapchat has to say about the lawsuit
Snapchat has denied the allegations and has claimed that it actively collaborates with law enforcement to combat drug dealing. “We’re committed to stopping illegal activity on our platform, but believe the lawsuit’s claims are flawed and will defend ourselves in court,” a representative told TechCrunch.
Crucially, a judge recently rejected Snap’s attempt to dismiss the case. This means the lawsuit will proceed, potentially setting a precedent for platform liability in illegal online activity.
This rewrite condenses the information while emphasising key points: the nature of the lawsuit, the families’ accusations, Snapchat’s response, and the legal significance of the judge’s decision. It also uses active voice and concise language for greater impact.

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