“Chinese Burger” Filled With Bugs Is Making The Internet “Sick”

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The Internet is an ever-growing repository of unique culinary videos. Each day offers something new, something never heard or seen before. And while we have seen some bizarre food experiments on social media platforms, this video of a Chinese man gorging on a burger filled with insects is making the internet sick. An Instagram food page, ‘Eaters Cn’, has dropped a clip of a man making a fresh burger by stuffing bugs in it.

The viral video opens with the man sitting with two plain buns and a bowl full of what looked like toasted bugs on the table. Next, he uses the two halves of the buns to pick the insects and fill them to form a burger.

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Satisfied with the quantity of bugs in the bun, he presses the two pieces hard to squash the insects and take out the juices. Next, he gorges on this burger. The clip concludes with the man showing his burger, still filled with bugs, after a couple of bites. The clip was shared along with the text, “Chinese food”.

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The internet was not happy after watching the man eat an insect-filled burger. 

“Proud to be a vegetarian,” said a user.

Another wrote, “That is the most disgusting sandwich I have ever seen.”

A user joked, “Pretty soon, they will start eating each other.”

Almost everyone was unhappy after watching the video. “Bro this is so disgusting,” read a comment.

A few confessed to feeling “sick.”

Apart from these, the comments section was flooded with memes.

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