Can Salt Water Eliminate Underarm Odour? Experts Debunk Myth

One must consult an expert before adopting any skincare practice.

One must consult an expert before adopting any skincare practice.

Body odour can be a cause of embarrassment and discomfort for many.

Sweating is a common problem many people face, and more in summer. Sweaty underarms can lead to body odour during this time. It is a cause of embarrassment and discomfort for many. There are multiple remedies to fight the issue of smelly underarms. People even use many ayurvedic remedies and prescribed medicines to fight the problem. One dermatologist, Dr Aparajita Lamba, shares a simple solution. According to her, dabbing saltwater or salt on the underarms twice a day can help eliminate the odour. She also suggested other ways. Let’s take a look.

Dr Aparajita Lamba, in her recent Instagram post, shared her unique way of eliminating underarm odour. In the caption of the post, she shared her ways. The caption reads, “Step-by-step easy routine – 1. Benzac Gel wash during shower (apply and rinse after 60 secs, 2. Numis Med Deo Roll On twice in a day, 3. Use Salt water to dab your under arms twice in a day”.

Dermatologist and cosmetologist from Shareefa’s Skin Care Clinic, Dr Shareefa Chause, shared her opinion related to the claim in an interview. She cautioned that using salt water to eliminate underarm odour should not be followed by everyone, as it may cause harmful effects for some skin types. She explained, “Even though salt has antibacterial properties that help get rid of that unpleasant body odour by killing some of the bacteria, it may not be suitable for everyone and may cause allergic reactions such as a burning sensation, redness, and itchiness. Everyone has a different skin type, and what suits one may not work for another.”

Salt is proven to cause irritation to the skin. It causes redness and sensitivity issues in certain skin types. Using salt water can cause some irritation for some people. Using certain remedies without consulting the doctor can cause harmful effects like dryness and eczema.

To address the issue properly, Dr Chause said in an interview, “Rubbing salt or applying salt water will not be able to eliminate the underarm odour that arises due to the mixture of sweat and bacteria. It’s the need of the hour to follow good hygiene practices such as regular showering, using chemical-free products prescribed by the dermatologist, and wearing underarm roll-ons with antiperspirant properties,”

She urged people to consult experts and make informed decisions when it comes to skincare home remedies.

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