Arjun Bijlani And Nikki Sharma Are Unrecognisable In Pyaar Ka Pehla Adhyaya Shiv Shakti

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Pyaar Ka Pehla Adhyaya Shiv Shakti can be watched on Zee5. (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Pyaar Ka Pehla Adhyaya Shiv Shakti can be watched on Zee5. (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Shiv (Arjun Bijlani) is dressed like a pandit while Shakti (Nikki Sharma) is seen in a Rajasthani ghagra choli.

With its captivating storyline and the dynamic relationship between Shiv (Arjun Bijlani) and Shakti (Nikki Sharma), Pyaar Ka Pehla Adhyaya Shiv Shakti on Zee Television has had fans hooked to their TV screens. With their stunning new avatars, the lead pair from the forthcoming show sequence look unrecognisable. In the episodes from this week, Shiv is seen dressed like a pandit while Shakti is seen in a Rajasthani ghagra choli.

Shakti has her hair tied in plaits, a red bindi adorning her forehead, false teeth and large spectacles. Shiv, on the other hand, sports a turban, a long beard and a traditional orange dhoti kurta for his Pandit appearance.

Bijlani posted a video of himself dressed like a sage on his Instagram account. “Shivanand doctorananand surganand pahado wale!!” was the caption he wrote along with the video.

He chose the song from Bhool Bhulaiyaa as the background music for the post. In the video, he could be seen dancing to the song’s rhythms.

Talking to IANS, Nikki said, “I had the most amazing experience shooting for this sequence. This look was absolutely different, and I have never tried anything like this before. There are so many elements added to this look to make Shakti look totally unrecognisable.”

Nikki added that Shakti looks nothing like her current self because of the many elements that were added to her appearance.

“I am wearing fake buck teeth, my eyebrows are different, and I have a lot of Rajasthani jewellery on me,” she said.

The actress also stated that her mother was unable to recognise her. “And when that happened, I was sure that this is what we wanted to achieve; the credit goes to the amazing creative team of our show,” she mentioned.

Meanwhile, Arjun Bijlani mentioned that the show kept him interested from the beginning. He claims that several times, his character has assumed a whole new aspect; from dealing with anger management difficulties to reverting to a childlike state following an awful occurrence, the role has pushed his abilities as an artist.

According to Bijlani, the plan was to disguise oneself as part of their investigation in order to uncover Mandira.

“When I first discussed this look with my creative team, our main aim was to make it look as unrecognisable as possible and get the perfect pandit look,” added Arjun.

He claims they made sure to get the appearance, from donning a false beard and an orange dhoti kurta and turban to sporting Rudraksha malas.

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