Are Ayo Edebiri and Jeremy Allen White Dating?

When Vanity Fair asked Jeremy Allen White to share a statement about Ayo Edebiri, his co-star on the series “The Bear,” for its profile on the actress, it was reported that the actor made time “within a day” of being asked, a rare occurrence for a busy celebrity.

“We really enjoy each other in life, on camera and off camera. I have a tremendous amount of respect for her as a person, but also as an artist. And so I hope that sort of that kind of thing shines through on camera between Carm and Syd,” he said, referring to their characters, in the story that was published on Tuesday.

His statement, along with Ms. Edebiri’s own mention of Mr. White’s “beautiful blue eyes” in the article, only added to fan excitement and rumors that the two are dating after a video of the pair at a White Sox game at Wrigley Field was shared widely online over the weekend.

In the clip, the pair were captured from above, wearing baseball caps and joined by fellow cast members. Mr. White placed his hand between Ms. Edebiri’s shoulder blades and rubbed the upper crevice of her back.

Viewers have long rooted for their characters on “The Bear” to become a thing, but many have speculated that the two might have sparks flying in real life.

Representatives for Ms. Edebiri and Mr. White did not respond to requests for comment.

The two have long maintained that they are just good friends, and while that is most likely true (maybe these moments are all clever marketing for the show?), these recent comments and spottings have positioned them squarely under a microscope, with many watching to see if there’s something more.

The “will they, won’t they” trope — which is commonly used to describe a relationship between two characters who are drawn to each other but are hesitant to act on it — is irresistible, perhaps because it typically involves strong romantic tension and chemistry that’s difficult to pursue because of external factors or internal conflicts. As the viewer, you end up yearning for a union and rooting for romance.

On the show, Carmy and Sydney’s friendship is nurturing; we often see the two leaning on each other in stressful moments, seeking comfort and even using American Sign Language to say “I’m sorry” to the other by making a fist and rubbing their chest. This onscreen chemistry has led some fans to root for their characters to get together, while others want them to maintain their close friendship as colleagues. Now the bond the actors portray on-screen has seemingly bled into real life, extending a fantasy for the former group.

Both Ms. Edebiri and Mr. White’s success and rise to fame on what started as a scrappy series have currently made each popular in their own right. What’s better than two lovable stars becoming a couple? The internet simply can’t get enough.

Mr. White has been reportedly dating Rosalía, the Spanish singer, but the current status of their relationship is unclear. In January, Ms. Edebiri maintained that she and Mr. White are just friends after she was asked to comment on a Calvin Klein ad campaign featuring Mr. White in a pair of boxer briefs.

“I’m happy for him. That’s my boy,” Ms. Edebiri said. “I do feel like I want people to understand that he’s my co-worker!”

This might all just be a classic work wife-husband relationship. But it is undeniable that, at a time when celebrity couple breakups seem to be all the rage, Mr. White and Ms. Edebiri are satisfying the needs of hopeless romantics.

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