Apple Vision Pro Headset Used By Chennai Doctors For Surgeries: All Details

Apple's premium headset is already making an impact in the healthcare sector

Apple’s premium headset is already making an impact in the healthcare sector

Apple’s premium headset is being shaped to be the ideal device for markets like hospitals where the mixed reality can help them device new surgeries.

Chennai’s GEM Hospitals surgeons achieved a milestone by utilising innovative virtual reality goggles to successfully conduct close to nine laparoscopic procedures. Employing the Apple Vision Pro headset, the team executed gastrointestinal surgeries including fistulas and hernias. During the operation, a surgeon used the Rs 2.8 lakh device, as reported by the Times of India.

“The device allowed me to see the real world with superimposed virtual screens showing vital information. Instead of craning my neck to see the monitor during the surgery, I had the screen before my eyes. I could add the patient’s CT and even a medical textbook,” Senior Surgical Gastroenterologist Dr R Parthasarathy said as quoted by TOI. He said that the device reduces a surgeon’s burden due to improved ergonomics. Dr R Parthasarathy is also the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Gem Hospitals.

Sharing more details on the device, Dr Parthasarathy said that it weighs around 600gm. “We can use the device to FaceTime with experts and even teach medicine. The efficiency in teaching improves by up to 200 per cent,” he stated as per reports. Most importantly, they (surgeons) do not have to suffer from neckaches following long surgeries, Dr Parthasarathy mentioned.

Dr Parthasarathy also told WION that they normally use a single 55-inch 4K resolution surgical display in the operating room while explaining how technology is used in day-to-day operations. Two surgeons and two support personnel must all be able to see the same monitor, which implies that each of them must face toward it and see the live stream.

However, with this new headset, doctors can keep many tabs open while performing surgery and monitor the patient’s CT scan, MRI scan, and other data by simply looking around.

Meanwhile, the medical team feels that the device helps surgeons perform more efficiently. “The headset has all the advanced features to become a necessary tool in operation theatres,” the Gem Hospital founder Dr C Palanivelu said according to the publication.

He further claimed that the device is currently utilised for spine surgery, with some doctors using it for eye surgeries as well. “We are waiting for similar apps that will allow laparoscopic surgeons to perfect outcomes,” he added.

What Are Laparoscopic Surgeries?

Laparoscopic surgeries are carried out by making a small incision in the patient’s abdomen and inserting a tube-like camera to obtain real-time images from inside the body. This inside image is exhibited on a monitor, allowing the doctors to do the procedures.

Apple Vision Pro Headset: Details Here

Apple’s high-priced headset for switching between the physical and digital world, which was released in February in the United States, is being termed “tomorrow’s technology today” by the tech giant. It is also viewed as a work and personal entertainment option in a mixed-reality setting. The headset, which costs $3499 (about Rs 2,90,000), is not officially available in India.

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