Apple Maps Likely To Get Custom Route Feature With iOS 18 Update

Last Updated: March 28, 2024, 15:27 IST

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Big Apple Maps changes expected when the iOS 18 version rolls out this year

Big Apple Maps changes expected when the iOS 18 version rolls out this year

Apple Maps lags behind Google’s navigation platform in many ways but the company is finally looking to bring more features for iPhone users.

Apple is known for its knack for incorporating existing features from competitors into its products with its unique spin. The latest speculation revolves around the potential addition of custom routes to Apple Maps. Reports from MacRumors suggest the discovery of a file named ‘CustomRouteCreation’ in the Maps backend, hinting at this upcoming feature in iOS 18.

While not officially confirmed yet, it’s a move that some feel Apple should have made earlier, given that competitors like Google Maps have offered similar functionality for years. Allowing users to plan their routes directly within Apple Maps, without needing external browsers, could significantly improve the user experience. However, confirmation of this rumoured feature is still awaited.

Apple Maps currently lacks the option for users to choose their own routes, but this could change with the release of iOS 18. The upcoming feature is expected to allow users to select specific roads for their journeys, whether they prefer a picturesque route or the familiar way.

Similar functionality is already available on Google Maps, but iOS users may appreciate the convenience of planning routes on a computer and accessing them on their Apple devices. Interestingly, users have been requesting this feature for years, and it appears that their wish will finally be granted in the coming months.

While Google Maps boasts a diverse range of features, including detailed traffic updates and comprehensive Street View coverage, its interface is renowned for providing users with extensive information, catering to those who enjoy in-depth exploration and multiple functionalities.

Conversely, Apple Maps prioritises user privacy and is lauded for its user-friendly navigation system. While Google Maps is accessible to users across various platforms, Apple Maps is exclusively available on Apple devices.

Apart from the Apple Maps update, reports from the same portal suggest that watchOS 10 will introduce topographic maps. These maps, currently available exclusively to Apple Watch users, are set to become more accessible to other users as well. Code found in the backend files for iOS 18, macOS 15 and visionOS 2 indicates that the feature is in development. Topographic maps offer details such as trails, elevation data and points of interest, enhancing the outdoor experience for hikers.

The Tim Cook-led organisation is expected to unveil iOS 18 and its numerous features, at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) scheduled to happen from June 10 till 14. Interestingly, not only media personalities but also developers and students will have the opportunity to attend WWDC 2024 in person on its first day. Additionally, for those who are unable to attend in person, the event will be live-streamed on various platforms, including YouTube and others.

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