Apple Could Use In-House AI Chipset To Power New Features For iPhones: What We know

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Apple will rely on its in-house chips to power servers for on-device AI processing

Apple will rely on its in-house chips to power servers for on-device AI processing

Apple has big AI plans that Tim Cook has hinted as the company looks to offer on-device AI processing for iPhone users.

Apple is planning for on-device AI capabilities with the new iOS 18 version coming out this year. But now we have more details about how the company plans to make it happen. Latest reports say Apple will be powering AI data servers with its in-house chip that will help in processing AI tasks for iPhone users.

Apple is widely expected to bring generative AI features for iPhone users this year, giving it the armoury to rival Google and OpenAI in the market. The company has always talked about privacy of its users and even with its advancement in AI, that part is likely to remain, which will be aided by its reported AI chips in servers.

The report from Bloomberg claims that Apple will be using its in-house M-series chips to power the servers that will ensure the AI processing is done on-device using its wide device network.

The Real AI Race Begins

Apple entering the AI market has been a delayed process but the industry will be equally invested in the company and its strategy. We have already seen the company announce the new M4 silicone for the new iPad Pros which will be coming to the Macs later this year.

The new A-series chipset powering the iPhone 16 series this year will also have on-device AI capabilities, while Apple is likely to partner with OpenAI or Google for other intuitive tools like AI image generation and more.

The company will have lots to talk about AI at the WWDC 2024 keynote next month, but prior to that Tim Cook has hinted that Apple’s AI will have a big advantage over its rivals, and he could be referring to the plans to use its chips to power AI servers that will keep the AI data running on the iPhones and other Apple devices.

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