Apple 2024 iPad Pro And Air Models Expected To Launch On May 6: Here’s What They Might Cost You

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Apple is bringing the new iPad Air and Pro models with M2 and M3 chip, respectively

Apple is bringing the new iPad Air and Pro models with M2 and M3 chip, respectively

Apple iPad Pro and Air 2024 models were expected to launch in April this year but some issues have delayed the process, and we might finally see them soon.

Apple iPad Pro and Air 2024 models could be announced on May 6 which is less than a month’s away. The launch date has been mentioned in a report by Bloomberg this week, which feels extremely likely going by the previous delays Apple has faced in launching the iPad series this year.

Apple has taken a long time to refresh the iPad Pros and Air models, and reports suggest, the new iPad lineup will get a design overhaul, feature upgrades and some new additions to the portfolio with different screen sizes. Apple was expected to launch them in April but production issues seem to have forced the company the delay the new iPad launches.

Apple 2024 iPad Pro And Air Launch: What To Expect

The new iPad Air and Pro models are expected to get a big refresh which many people have been asking for. On the hardware-front, Apple should offer the M2 chipset for the iPad Air that is likely to get a new 12.9-inch version, a first for the Air tablet series. It will be interesting to see the company justify bringing the Air in this size, which more or less takes it into the Mac/laptop-category.

As for the iPad Pro model, we expect Apple to go berserk with the M3 chip, featuring an OLED display and changes to its design to compliment that will inevitably cause a price bump for the lineup.

These two iPad models could be lining up along with a new version of the Apple Pencil and a new-look Magic Keyboard that will look to build on the functionality of the 12.9-inch iPad models and pair it with iPadOS for the best results.

Apple 2024 iPad Pro And Air Launch Price Expected

Upgrading the iPad Pro with an OLED display could really push its price this year, which doesn’t much for the model which is already priced in the high-end. Having a new 12.9-inch iPad Air will also help Apple to push the starting range of the new models, but we are hoping the price of the M1 iPad Air comes down which allows more people to upgrade rather than spending on the new, pricier 2024 iPad models.

Apple should give us some hints of the new 2024 iPad launches in the coming weeks, even though the company isn’t planning for a launch event for these products this year.

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