Amit Shah At Police Chiefs’ Meet In Jaipur

Must Adopt AI-Driven Approach: Amit Shah At Police Chiefs' Meet In Jaipur

Amit Shah stressed on linking databases to tackle security challenges

New Delhi:

The implementation of the new criminal laws replacing the British-era ones and the challenges of adapting the new procedures are the top-most agenda at the three-day security conference in Jaipur.

“The new laws are focused on the delivery of justice instead of punishment and implementing these laws would transform our criminal justice system as most modern and scientific, ” Union Home Minister Amit Shah said inaugurating the conference.

Mr Shah also stressed the need to train officials from the levels of the Station House Officer to the Director-General and upgrade technology from the Thana to the headquarters levels for the successful implementation of the new laws.

“There is an urgent need for linking of databases and adopting AI-driven analytical approach for tackling the emerging security challenges,” Amit Shah said addressing the conference.

He also pointed out an overall improvement in the security scenario in the country since 2014, especially the reduction in violence in three critical hotspots – in Jammu and Kashmir, in the northeast, and Left-wing extremism.

“This conference over the years has emerged as a think tank, facilitating decision-making and formulation of new security strategies,” Mr Shah said emphasising the uniformity of structures, size, and skill of counter-terror mechanisms across the country.

PM Narendra Modi will address the conference tomorrow and interact with senior officials over the next two days.

“The next two days of the conference will see deliberations on a range of security-related issues of critical importance, including security of borders, cyber-threats, radicalization, fraudulent issuance of identity documents and threats emerging from AI,” a senior level official said.

The conference is a hybrid one with 250 top cops, senior cops, and chiefs of Central Police Organisations attending physically in Jaipur and over 500 police officers of various ranks joining virtually from across the country.

Amit Shah also distributed police medals for meritorious service to Intelligence Bureau officers and awarded trophies to the three best police stations.

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