A Must-Try Summer Cocktail Recipe With 2 Local Ingredients – Try It!

It’s finally the weekend again, meaning, we have time to relax and unwind. Now, we understand the definition of weekend relaxation might differ from person to person, but the food or drink that comes along remains common in every circumstance. Whether stepping out with friends and family, hosting a house party, or just chilling at home, a refreshing cocktail always comes to the rescue. And to help you with that, we have a summer-special cocktail recipe that you can make at home with a gin of your choice and two very common local ingredients – turmeric and lemon. That’s it. The recipe has been shared by content creator Nitin Tiwari, who goes by the name ‘mr.bartender’ on Instagram. Let’s take you through.

What Makes Turmeric Cocktail Perfect For The Summer Season?

Who doesn’t like a bright yellow drink on the table? Some slices of raw turmeric will help you get that. Besides, the active ingredient curcumin has anti-inflammatory properties, known to give a cooling effect to your body, regulating temperature and reducing inflammation. All these factors make fresh turmeric a perfect summer ingredient to add to your foods and drinks.

This particular recipe also includes lemon – a storehouse of vitamin C and antioxidants. Besides it adds a tangy goodness to your recipe, making it a great ingredient in the world of gastronomy.

Summer-Special Turmeric Cocktail Recipe | How To Make Turmeric Cocktail For Summer?

The recipe is super simple. All you need to do is peel a fresh turmeric root, take a few slices, and infuse in a glass of gin. In some hours, when you get the perfectly light yellow colour of the alcohol, add some lemon juice, and sugar syrup and mix well. Finally, top with tonic water and relish. It’s that easy.

Watch the detailed recipe video of the turmeric cocktail below:

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