6 Airport Lounges In India Offering The Ultimate Comfort And Best Food Experience

Are you a frequent flyer? If yes, we are sure you put comfort at the forefront of your travel journey. And what better way to experience it than by relaxing in airport lounges? Whether you’re travelling domestically or internationally, airport lounges are the perfect place to unwind before you catch your flight. Not only do they offer comfortable seating areas, but they also provide a variety of foods and beverages to recharge yourself. What could be a better feeling for a traveller? If you’re planning to travel by air anytime soon, here are some of the best airport lounges in India you must check out. 
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Here Are 6 Of The Best Airport Lounges In India:

1. Adani Lounge – Mumbai 

Situated at Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport, Terminal 2, the Adani Lounge is known for offering premium hospitality. From the moment you step inside, the lush interiors instantly captivate you. Here, travellers can unwind and indulge in an array of foods and beverages. The lounge has a large buffet area where you can choose from classic Indian dishes as well as small bites such as croissants and sandwiches. You’ll also find a dedicated counter for desserts and refreshing beverages. If you wish to have alcohol, the bar will certainly impress you with its wide variety of drinks.

2. Enclam Prive Lounge – New Delhi

Another airport lounge you shouldn’t miss visiting is the Enclam Prive Lounge at the Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi. With its high ceilings and a large bar area right at the centre, this lounge defines grandeur in the truest sense. The food at this lounge is equally impressive and will satisfy your stomach before you board your flight. From dosa and idlis to chicken curry, kebabs, chaat, and more – you’ll find everything here. The lounge also has a live pasta counter for all you Italian food lovers out there. Not to forget the delightful range of beverages that would make the perfect accompaniment to your meals.

3. 080 Lounge – Bengaluru

Named after the trunk dial code of the city,  the 080 Lounge is a premium lounge at Terminal 2 of the Kempegowda International Airport, Bengaluru. The interiors of the lounge are inspired by the city itself with botanical elements and local artistry. Travellers can indulge in a delectable range of food options, available as a buffet or an a la carte menu curated by celebrity chef Ranveer Brar. The dining area is surrounded by lush greenery, which adds to the overall dining experience. You can also enjoy authentic South Indian filter coffee at the Kodagu Cafe situated inside the lounge.

4. Enclam Lounge – Hyderabad

The Enclam Lounge at the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, Hyderabad, is one of a kind. The lounge offers a calming atmosphere with comfortable recliners and sofas, perfect for unwinding. Apart from this, the lounge is also a perfect retreat for satisfying the foodie inside you. Travellers can savour a wide variety of delicacies, ranging from Indian and Continental to Italian cuisine. The food is fresh and full of tantalising flavours, sure to provide contentment to your heart. So, if you happen to be flying from Hyderabad, don’t miss visiting this lounge.
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5. Travel Club Lounge- Kolkata

The Travel Club Lounge at the Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport, Kolkata, is another must-visit airport lounge. It offers a lively ambience with warm and courteous staff who will ensure you have a pleasant time while at the lounge. The lounge has an impressive menu as well as a buffet area, both equally enticing. While there are plenty of food options to choose from, their biryani is particularly worth a try. Apart from this, you must check out their dessert counter which will leave you spoilt for choice. The beverages at this lounge are equally good and will help rejuvenate you before your long journey ahead.

6. Enclave Lounge – Goa

You must also not miss visiting the Enclave Lounge at the newly opened MOPA International Airport in Goa. Whether you had an early check-out from your hotel or a long layover, this lounge is perfect for relaxation. It is open 24×7, making it convenient for travellers. Here, you get to enjoy a peaceful environment before your next departure, ensuring you don’t feel tired during your journey. Indulge in an array of mouth-watering dishes, including vegetarian, non-vegetarian, and seafood delicacies. The Enclave Lounge is a must-try for business travellers and will surely leave you impressed.

Is there any other airport lounge that we missed out on in the list? Tell us in the comments below!

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