1.18 lakh candidates write COMEDK across 264 centres in India

The Consortium of Medical, Engineering, and Dental Colleges of Karnataka (COMEDK) Undergraduate Entrance Test (UGET) and Uni-GAUGE entrance examination 2024 were conducted at 264 centres in 191 cities across India on Sunday, May 12, with 87.96% of the registered candidates appearing for the examination. 

Out of the total 1,18,005 candidates who had registered, 1,03,799 attended the examination. In Karnataka, the exam was conducted in 72 centres out of which 33 were in Bengaluru. While 35,124 out of 38,475 candidates took the test in Karnataka, 17,830 out of 19,676 attended the test in Bengaluru.  

While some students found mathematics and physics papers to be a little difficult, others said that chemistry was confusing.  

Bhavya Meghan, from Deeksha ISBR, who was a candidate at Global Academy of Technology said, “The difficulty of the exam was moderate. Chemistry was the easiest section, whereas physics and mathematics were tough in some places. I found the latter a little difficult. The paper seemed lengthier than usual, but I was able to finish on time.” 

Tanish Suragihalli who took his exam at Cambridge Institute of Technology said, “I found the math section pretty easy, and the test paper overall was very physics-focused. The chemistry and organic chemistry questions were confusing to work on.” 

However, many reported that attempting 180 questions in 180 minutes is a challenging task for any subject. 

Ankur Singh, a student from Delhi Public School East who wrote his examination at Dayanand Sagar University, Hosur Road, found the chemistry section particularly challenging. Emphasising the role of luck due to the limited time frame, he said, “COMEDK is also about luck since you have 180 questions to attempt in 180 minutes even though they might not be very complex” 

Two candidates caught with phones, four fall sick 

While the exam was conducted peacefully in all centres, Gururaj R. Bhat, Assistant Secretary, COMEDK said that two candidates were caught with mobile phones during the exam. After seizing the phones, the candidates were not allowed to continue their exams.  

He also said that appropriate support services were extended to four candidates who reported sick after the exam had begun. All of them finished the exams. Further, the candidates in the two centres were compensated with extra time to finish the exam as there were power outages. 

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