YouTube Music Starts Testing AI Feature To Create Radio Stations: How It Might Work

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YouTube Music could soon offer multiple AI-powered use cases

YouTube Music could soon offer multiple AI-powered use cases

YouTube Music could have various AI-powered features in the coming months but most of these are likely to be offered within its premium tier.

YouTube is reportedly testing a new AI-powered feature for YouTube Music. As reported by 9to5Google, a Reddit user found that the feature was in a limited testing phase. With this AI feature, users will have the ability to create custom radio stations by describing music videos or requesting music they want to hear.

Currently, YouTube Music needs app users to manually input specific songs or artists for track searches. However, the Reddit user shared some screenshots explaining how this AI feature will work in YouTube Music. He stated that once this feature goes live for users, an “Ask for music any way you like” card will pop up in the home feed of the app.

On clicking the card labelled ‘Ask for music any way you like,’ it will open a chat interface. Users will then see a text box where they can either type their request or use voice commands to tell the app what kind of music they want to hear.

As per the screenshot, the card will appear in a purple or pink colour. It will work similar to the existing “Create a radio: Your music tuner” card, which has been permanently placed inside the library tab inside New FAB and was introduced earlier this year. The new feature represents a significant advancement by letting users use language commands to convey their requests.

In addition to that, the music streaming service is experimenting with a new feature that allows users to create custom radio stations based on their mood or preferred genre. Reports have mentioned that the streaming app acknowledges that the upcoming feature is still under development. This delay can cause the quality and accuracy of the generated stations to vary.

To make things easier, YouTube Music is also offering some pre-written prompts, including ‘catchy pop choruses’ or ‘Epic soundtracks.’ Moreover, there’s an option in the app known as ‘Surprise me!’ This option will allow the app to generate a completely random station based on its algorithms.

Once a user enters their chosen prompt, the music streaming application will create a custom radio station based on the description and display it using the existing playlist card format. The name of the station will be similar to the prompt, and it will be labelled as ‘Created for you’ with a short description.

It is worth noting that this experimental feature is currently available only to a select group of Android device users. While the company hasn’t confirmed yet if users may need a YouTube Premium subscription to access the feature, we’re hoping to see more details from the platform in the coming months.

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