Watch: Viral Video Shows Time-Saving Hack To Prepare Pooris Without Rolling Pin

Preparing chapatis and pooris everyday can be a tiring chore, especially if you are not very skilled at it. Rolling a perfectly round chapati effortlessly requires some skill and practice. Since many people struggle to make round pooris or rotis in short time, there are several videos on the internet demonstrating time-saving hacks to prepare these Indian breads. Recently, an Instagram user Ruchi Kewat (@itz__ruchi____123) has shared a clip, showing how one can prepare 5 round pooris in just a blink of an eye. The best part? You don’t need to use the rolling pin at all!

The viral video has amassed more than 5 million views. The clip begins with the digital creator making equal-sized balls of kneaded dough and placing them on a plastic sheet. She places the dough balls away from each other so that when they are flattened, they do not stick to each other. Next, she covers the dough balls with the other half of the plastic sheet and presses each one with the roling board. Voila! Small and round pooris are ready. All left to do is to deep fry it and enjoy. 

Here is the full video:

Taking to the comments section, several Instagram users appreciated the tip and confessed that they would also give it a try. A comment read, “Awesome idea…mai bhi try krungi. [I will also try this].” A user commented, “Actually it’s a super idea.”
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Mai to bahut kuch seekh rRahi hu insta se…super idea. [I am learning a lot from Instagram…superb idea],” wrote another. Confessing they need this trick in life, a user said, “Ye trick to mujhe bhi apnani padegi. [I also need to adapt this trick].” A few said that when many guests come home, this trick will come in very handy. “Relatives ke liye to bht acha work krega ye technique wowww. [This technique will work greatly for relatives].
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Would you like to try this trick at home?

Before this, another viral video demonstrated a time-saving technique to make perfectly round rotis. In the clip, a woman rolls out the dough entirely after which she uses a big bowl to shape the rotis. Read all about it here.

Do you find these roti and poori-making hacks useful? Share with us in the comments section.

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