Watch: Viral Video Of Fruit Samosa Takes Internet By Storm For This Reason

From omelette momos and watermelon popcorn to dahi Maggi and gulab jamun noodles, we are surrounded by countless food experiments and bizarre combos. Interestingly, this viral trend of bizarre food combinations has extended beyond the culinary realm, now serving as examples to explain English language concepts. It all started when a motivational speaker, Gaurav Khanna, released a video of himself eating a “fruit samosa”. Yes, you read that right. But wait, there’s a twist. In the clip, Gaurav, who is seated in his car, can be heard saying that he is in New Delhi’s Pashchim Vihar. Next, he goes on to check how the samosa looks from within. Breaking the samosa open, he proceeds to show that it has been stuffed with potatoes and not fruits, as he claimed.
About this, Gaurav says, “Aloo ka hi samosa hota hai, fruit ka koi samosa nahi hota. Aap log bhi kitni gehrai se soch rahe honge ki ‘fruit samosa?’ Toh gehrai se sochne ko angrezi mein ‘mull over’ kaha jata hai. For example: You must be mulling over the concept of fruit samosa. [Samosas are only made with potato stuffing. There is nothing called a fruit samosa. You must be deeply contemplating the idea of a fruit samosa. So, to give serious and deep thought to something is called ‘to mull over’ in English].” You can watch the full video here:
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Needless to say, the comments section was flooded with all kinds of reactions. But our attention was caught by a comment from food aggregator Swiggy’s official Instagram page. Swiggy joked, “Bhai, aise ideas mat do, koi sach mein fruit samosa bana dega. [Brother, don’t give such ideas, as someone will actually make fruit samosas].”
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Several users confessed that they were truly “surprised” by the conclusion of the clip. A user said, “You never fail to surprise.” Another commented, “I was 100% convinced it was a fruit samosa. Smh.” A further comment read, “The method of teaching English is somewhat casual.” Another user wrote, “This was next level.” Some even revealed that a few vendors are already selling fruit samosas, with one user stating, “Samosa Ji in Pitampura has fruit samosas.”

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