Watch: Video Of Momos Omelette Goes Viral, Internet Says, “RIP Momos”

When it comes to Delhi street food, a plate of momos reigns supreme. From crispy fried chicken momos to flavourful tandoori momos, there are several variations of this delectable snack available. Needless to say, it has also been the subject of culinary experimentation, and the latest such unconventional recipe is the momos omelette. This unusual dish is being sold by a vendor in Delhi, with a video of its preparation shared by an Instagram food page. In the clip, the vendor explains that he conceived of this dish because his daughter loves momos. The video begins with the vendor pan-frying a few pre-made momos in butter. Once the momos achieve a crispy, golden-brown texture on each side, he proceeds to beat two eggs along with chopped onions, tomatoes, coriander leaves, salt, and a special spice mix.

He pours the beaten egg onto the melted butter in a pan. As one side of the omelette fries, he places the crispy momos onto the raw side of the omelette. Then, he flips the omelette, and once it’s cooked through, he serves it on top of four slices of toasted bread. The dish is accompanied by mayonnaise, ketchup, and green chutney served on the side. Sharing the clip, the user wrote, “Momos waala omelette.” Take a look at the full video here:
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This unusual combination has failed to impress the internet. Several users expressed their disapproval of the dish in the comments section, with “RIP Momos” being a common reaction among many internet users. As mentioned above, this isn’t the first time someone has experimented with momos. Earlier, a vendor in Jaipur went viral after introducing fire momos. The process began with the vendor stir-frying cheese and paneer momos and then transferring the excess oil to another container. Next, the vendor added chopped cabbage and schezwan chutney on top of the fried momos. Before mixing all the ingredients, the vendor added some vinegar to the remaining oil, igniting a fire that reached the roof of his stall. He then stir-fried the ingredients and served them with spicy chutney. Read all about it here.
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