Viral Video: Food Blogger Creates Beautiful Flowers Out Of Sashimi, Wows Internet

When it comes to food, the aroma, taste and visual presentation play crucial roles in the overall dining experience. We have seen chefs going the extra mile to create and present dishes that are almost pieces of art. Recently one such creation by a food blogger took Instagram by storm. She crafted a delicate-looking flower using thin slices of radish and Hamachi. She carefully arranged them to resemble two blooming flowers. The result was so stunning that it seemed almost too beautiful to touch, let alone eat.  Food blogger Roni Cohen shared a video of herself preparing the now-viral flowers on a plate.

Her video opens with her cleaning her slicing tool. She goes on to show some thin, round slices of black radish. She also thinly slices Hamachi with a sharp knife. Roni places radish slices in a row and adds pieces of Hamachi to it. She then rolls it all in carefully and shows the top of the roll which resembles a flower. She makes two such rolls and places them on a white plate. She sprinkles a pinch of salt and adds some lemon caviar to it using a pair of tweezers. She then pours some ponzu sauce and yuzu dressing into a bowl, mixes it and then drips a spoonful of it over the flowers on the plate.
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Finally, mixed with the dressing, the two floral rolls attain some hues of red and with some basil leaves on the sides, it looks nothing short of an artwork on a plate. The chef has aptly named the dish, “Sashimi Flowers.” Take a look at it here:

If your mouth is watering and your eyes are still in disbelief, you are not the only one. Many viewers in the comments section share the same sentiments.

“Wowwwww, this looks so good,” said a person. 

“This looks fantastic and very tasty,” said another. 

“So pretty I bet it is equally delicious,” commented a person. 

Impressed with the beauty of the dish, a user said, “One of the most beautiful things I’ve seen here.”
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 “I want it here right now,” was the sentiment online. 

“How is this so beautiful,” read a comment. 

Many have also called the dish “gorgeous.” 

“Good surprises come in small packages,” said a person.

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