Vice President Jagdeep Dhankhar Dig At Opposition

'Privileged Pedigree Has Disappeared': Vice President's Dig At Opposition

Equality before the law is the writing on the wall, Jagdeep Dhankhar said

New Delhi:

In an apparent dig at the opposition and dynastic politics, Vice President Jagdeep Dhankhar today said democratic values blossom when there is equality before the law and where there is no patronage, favouritism, or nepotism.

Speaking at the NDTV Indian Of The Year awards, Mr Dhankhar said, “Democratic values optimally blossom and flourish when there is equality before the law when there is transparent and accountable governance, and where patronage, favouritism, and nepotism have no space. There was a time when these three pernicious tendencies dominated our workings. But that is a matter of the past.”

The privileged pedigree has disappeared and those who thought they were more equal than the others have realised this to their pain, he asserted.

“The privileged pedigree has disappeared. Equality before the law is the writing on the wall. Those who thought they were immune to the law, above the law, are different than others, have realised it to their pain. What can be a greater pain to the human soul and the young people in a democracy that some people are greater than others and they are more privileged? That system has gone.” 

“In the process, the morale of the youth has gone up,” he said.

The remarks are significant at a time when the country’s political discourse is seeing an impassioned debate between the ruling BJP and the Opposition over parivarwaad, or dynastic politics.

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