‘They say a Gujarati will find a way to innovate even simplest of things’, says CJI Chandrachud; PM Modi reacts | India News

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NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday took to social media to commend Chief Justice of India (CJI) Justice DY Chandrachud’s efforts to connect with the people by speaking in Gujarati during the inauguration of a new district court building in Rajkot on Saturday.
In a video shared by the Prime Minister, he praised the CJI’s commendable initiative, stating, “The Hon’ble Chief Justice of our Supreme Court has understood Rajkot very well! This commendable effort of his to speak in Gujarati and connect with people…”

CJI Chandrachud, during the event, expressed appreciation for the unique blend of cultural heritage and entrepreneurial spirit in Gujarat, sentiments echoed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.The Chief Justice commended the people of Rajkot for their ability to stay rooted in their cultural traditions while embracing change.
CJI Chandrachud also shared a light-hearted saying that captures the spirit of Gujarat, illustrating how a Gujarati can turn even a tea break into a business strategy meeting, showcasing the quintessential humor and business acumen of the region.
He emphasized the entrepreneurial mindset prevalent in the state, saying, “Highlighting the entrepreneurial spirit ingrained in every aspect of life here yet beyond the laughter is the core essence of progress in Gujarat. Rajkot, much like its people, has continuously embraced change while staying rooted in its cultural heritage. It is in this ability to amalgamate tradition with innovation that the true essence of development is discovered.”
The Chief Justice’s remarks resonated with PM Modi’s commendation of his effort to connect with the people by speaking in Gujarati.
The new district court building, a five-storey structure, is a modern addition to Rajkot’s judicial landscape. It houses courtrooms, judges’ chambers, a video conferencing hall, chambers for public prosecutors, a canteen, a library, and a bar room. This development is a significant step forward, as 39 courts previously scattered across the city will now operate under one roof, streamlining judicial processes and providing better facilities for court staff and litigants.
The inauguration of this court building is not just a step towards judicial modernization but also a testament to Gujarat’s progressive nature, blending tradition with modernity – a theme that was aptly highlighted by CJI Chandrachud in his address.

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