Street Vendor Goes Viral For Making Gulab Jamun Noodles, Internet Stunned

The internet never fails to amaze us, especially when it comes to bizarre food combinations. From biryani samosas to egg pani puri and medu vada sandwiches, we have seen it all. But a recent viral video has taken things up a notch with gulab jamun noodles. Yes, you read that right – noodles paired with sweet gulab jamuns. This food combination has left people online in utter disbelief. Whether you are tempted to try it or not, a plate of gulab jamun noodles is definitely a conversation starter.
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The viral video on Instagram posted by @foodb_unk shows a street stall vendor in action, frying vegetable noodles in a large wok. But here is where things take a strange turn – after cooking the noodles, the vendor takes a gulab jamun and starts chopping it into small pieces. He then adds these chopped pieces to the noodles, creating the unconventional dish.

Watch the video here:

The video has gone viral on social media with more than one million views. Here is how people are reacting to the video in the comments section:

A user commented, “Ewwwww why????? Thanks for ruining noodles.” Another user wrote, “What rubbish… If you can’t cook, go do something else.”
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“Where is that complimentary poison?” read a comment. Someone else chimed in, “Justice for street food.” A user cried, “Brother, you were supposed to put Manchurian, not this.”

There are plenty of other bizarre food combinations floating around the internet. A recent tweet invited the internet to share the unconventional food pairings they enjoy. The responses were nothing short of amazing. Read the full story here.

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