Shark Tank India Pitcher Says Husband Gave Her 100 Gifts While Dating; Aman Gupta Reacts

Published By: Chirag Sehgal

Last Updated: March 26, 2024, 17:02 IST

Shark Tank India Season 3 is airing on Sony TV.  (Photo: Instagram)

Shark Tank India Season 3 is airing on Sony TV. (Photo: Instagram)

In the latest episode of Shark Tank India, a couple came with their innovative gifting brand and left the sharks quite impressed.

Shark Tank India’s season 3 has kept viewers hooked to their screens with an array of innovative business ideas presented by entrepreneurs. This season has solidified its position as an informative and entertaining platform, shedding light on budding startups and established companies in the Indian market. In the latest episode, viewers were treated to another intriguing pitch, this time from a couple showcasing their innovative gifting brand.

Nitin Jain and Divya Jain, originating from Jaipur, introduced their business centred around crafting distinctive and sentimental gifts for customers. Their pitch included a request for Rs 50 lakh in exchange for 2 per cent equity. Additionally, the couple shared intriguing insights into their business model during their presentation.

As Vineeta Singh began by asking about whether they were a couple, it was followed by a brief explanation after which Divya Jain revealed that her husband Nitin gifted her more than 100s of such unique gifts which he himself designed.

As the judges were left quite amazed, Aman Gupta jokingly asked to edit the particular part and not telecast it on the episode. “Yeh baat edit karwa dete hai (Let’s get this part edited),” he said.

However, as Vineeta asked them to repeat, Aman continued, “Aisi baat sabke samne nahi bolte (Such things should not be said in front of everyone).”

As they interacted further, Nitin also shared his love story with Divya, leaving everyone including Anupam Mittal impressed. “Some people are just made for each other, I am getting those vibes from both of you,” he said.

Talking about their business pitch, Divya and Nitin finally settled down on a deal with Vineeta and Ritesh for Rs 50 lakh for 4 per cent equity and no debts. On the other hand, Aman and Peyush backed out. “I have made an offer but it is worse than Vineeta. I don’t want to fight so you should go ahead with them,” he suggested. Aman also went on to praise their gifting brand and said, “Thank you for making me and millions of people like me look like an idiot by giving 100 gifts to your wife. I guarantee you guys that we will buy gifts from you. But I am out.”

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