SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive Go Is The Go-To USB Drive For All Our Devices, Even The iPhones

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This dual USB drive has support for PCs and smartphones

This dual USB drive has support for PCs and smartphones

If you need one storage device for all your gadgets, including iPhones, and don’t want to spend a fortune, the Ultra Dual Drive Go is the ideal option.

SanDisk is a known brand when it comes to storage solutions for all devices. But with the changing market trends, the company is also tweaking its product lineup, especially since the iPhone 15 series now supports USB C charging. The Dual Drive Go is the latest attempt to satisfy people who use all kinds of devices. You have an iPhone, this drive works. You use a Windows PC or an iPad, this drive works. It also works if you have an Android phone. One might just call this an all-rounder since it works on most platforms that people use for their devices.

And the best thing about the Dual Drive Go is that it won’t even burn a hole in your pocket. Sounds like a good deal? Here’s a closer look at the SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive Go that starts from under Rs 1000 and offers external storage for all mobile devices.


SanDisk offers the Ultra Dual Drive Go in various bright colours like blue, green, peach and more. The swivel design allows the brand to adopt the dual USB 3.1 and USB C ports on either side of the drive, hence the term dual and Go because it can be used while you are on the move.

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The actual drive weighs just 20 grams which means it can fit in the smallest pockets of your jeans. The petite frame doesn’t betray its durability as you get it with claimed drop proof resistance which is vital for memory devices as you can lose all the data without this support. The overall build quality justifies its use case and shows you what a pocket rocket actually means.

What It Offers

Have you faced a situation where you wanted to transfer files from your PC to a smartphone but relied on cables to do that. That’s where the Sandisk Ultra Dual Drive Go is a boon because on one side you have the PC-type connector to import the files, while you transfer it to an Android or an iPhone in quick time.

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Like we said, this USB drive works on Android, iOS, iPadOS, macOS, Windows and even Linux. The one-stop shop for your storage needs. Now that iPhone 15 also comes with USB C along with iPads and Macs, this is the ideal USB drive to have in your set.

How It Performs

SanDisk claims the Dual Drive Go offers read speed of 400MB/sec which should be fast enough to transfer files using the USB 3.1 port. Our synthetic tests using tools like CrystalDiskMark gave us read speeds of over 300MB/sec which is closer to the claimed numbers and delivers quick file transfers when you put it through the real-life tests.

sandisk ultra dual go ipad 2024 07 1146f07377e034b6d031006c826a5fa3

While doing the actual file transfer between phone-to-PC and PC-to-iPad, the Dual Drive Go was able to transfer 1GB assorted files in under 45 seconds which is quite impressive in general. These tests can vary based on the size of files you transfer between devices but the Dual Drive Go has shown its worth and should handle the bigger transfers easily as well.

What We Think

Like we said earlier, SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive Go is a must-have gadget for external storage needs which comes in handy when you are away for work or events and want to store the files, photos or videos safely. SanDisk is also offering different storage options so you can get one based on your needs and budget.

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