Rare UNSEEN video of Sushant Singh Rajput and Ankita Lokhande playing Holi and dancing to ‘Rang Barse’ goes viral: ‘If your face is not covered in colours…’ |

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Sushant Singh Rajput, who passed away, really enjoyed celebrating Holi. You can see from pictures on social media that he had a great time with his then-girlfriend Ankita Lokhande during the festival. They made lots of happy memories together.
We recently got hold of an old video doing the rounds on social media where the ex-couple can be seen playing Holi together and dancing to ‘Rang Barse‘ song. The couple is captured relishing the festivities with a playful demeanor. Sushant humorously shares his unique Holi strategy, playfully incorporating eggs and mud for a more refined experience. “If you’re not drenched in colors, did you even celebrate Holi?” he quips to the media. Ankita joins in, jesting, “After our Holi play, you won’t recognize us anymore.”

When prompted to showcase her favorite Holi dance moves, Ankita demonstrates a thumka while Sushant cheerfully whistles and mimics Amitabh Bachchan‘s iconic steps from ‘Rang Barse.’ They also playfully chant “Bura Naa Maano Holi Hai” while smearing colors on each other’s faces.

Did you know MS Dhoni once lost his cool while helping Sushant Singh Rajput prepare for his biopic?

During an interview with Hindustan Times, Sushant revealed his preference for a more boisterous Holi celebration, contrasting with Ankita’s reluctance towards colors. Ankita, however, countered his claim, asserting her enthusiasm for the festival, insisting that she’s the one who brings vibrant energy to the occasion.

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