Police officer’s son fabricated kidnap story to avoid father’s wrath

In a surprising turn of events in the case of the police officer’s son’s alleged kidnapping and assault, the investigation revealed that the son had inflicted the injuries on himself. It turns out that he fabricated the story to avoid his father’s anger.

On May 21, 22-year-old Gautham Subash, the son of a police official, filed a complaint at the Jnana Bharathi police station. He claimed that on the night of May 20, around 9.30 p.m., while he was returning home on his bike, six unidentified individuals on two-wheelers stopped him forcibly and took him to an unknown location. There, they told him that his father had troubled them while working at the Kamakshipalya police station. They then injured his hand and shoulders with a lethal weapon and warned him that his sister would be raped and his parents would be killed.

The police registered a case and began an investigation based on the complaint. They discovered that the boy’s complaint was fabricated.

According to the police, officers reviewed CCTV footage from the location of the alleged incident but found no evidence to support his story. This raised suspicions, prompting them to question the complainant further. Eventually, he confessed to lying. He admitted that on the night in question, he had been out drinking with friends. While returning home, light rain started, and he got into an accident near Kengeri, damaging his bike and his mobile phone. Fearing his father’s anger, he concocted the false story, police officials stated.

“Using a blade from the bike’s toolbox, he injured himself and called his parents and friends, fabricating the story about the attack. His father then took him to a hospital for treatment before filing the complaint. After a thorough investigation, we have concluded that the complaint was false,” the police added.

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