Pastry Chefs Stationery Set Made With Chocolate Clocks Over 17 Million Views

French-Swiss pastry chef Amaury Guichon is popular for creating hyper-realistic cakes. From using unique ingredients to crafting massive life-sized cakes, we have seen Amaury creating magic in the kitchen. And when the internet is buzzing with the trend of hyper-realistic cakes, how could we expect him to not join the bandwagon? Recently, the chef dropped a video that specially catered to “everyone who used to bite their pencil as a kid”. No points for guessing, Amaury baked massive pencil and sharpener-shaped cakes. The video began with him creating the hexagonal body of a pencil using frozen chocolate ganache. After pasting the sides together, he used spray food colouring to give it a bright yellow hue. To make it look realistic, the chef used plastic stencils to paint the name on top of the pencil’s body.
Next, he used frozen chocolate ganache it to form the top head of the pencil, which holds a small eraser. Painting it silver, the chef gave it a completely real appearance. To create the eraser, he used raspberry jelly and mixed it with white icing to get that bubblegum pink colour. Then he dipped a perfectly eraser-shaped chocolate ganache in the mixture, making it appear like a pink eraser on top of a pencil. The chef also created black lead at the tip of the pencil. He went on to attach all the parts using melted chocolates. Lastly, he created a massive sharpener and painted it silver to make it appear real. Sharing the video, Amaury Guichon wrote, “Chocolate Pencil & Sharpener! This one is for everyone who used to bite their pencil as a kid!”

Needless to say, he left the internet “amazed” with his creation. The comments section was flooded with many dropping a fire and clapping hand emoticons. A comment read, “I’m amazed at every creation.”

Many called him “incredibly clever.”

A user said, “Can’t keep up with that guy. He always goes one step beyond what I can imagine.”

A few users expressed their curiosity to know what he does with the massive cakes once the chef has made the videos, as a user said, “Am I the only curious one who wonders what he does with his sculptures when the videos are over?”

The chef also got the title of “master” in the comments section.

Referring to his old video, a user wrote, “Brilliant as always… After the regular pencil made before… this is the mother of all pencils.”

Which of these cakes did you like the best?

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