Organising Skills Of This Foodie May Beat Monica Geller From F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

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In the realm of global cuisine, pizza is a superstar. The Italian classic has been loved around the world, with every foodie adding a unique touch to the dish. Taking this love to a whole new level is an Instagram user reminding us of Monica Geller from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. The viral clip, which was shared by an Instagram user Nicole Claughlin, shows a well-planned binder that includes all types of ingredients that are required to prepare pizza. The first page is reserved for a sample of kneaded “dough.” As she turns the page, we get a glimpse of two different types of “sauces”—pizza sauce and what looks like cheese sauce. Next comes the “cheese” section, which includes grated, crushed and sliced cheese. Then the pages turn to “toppings” and we get glimpses of sliced mushrooms, carrots, cherry tomatoes and basil leaves. Drooling already? Wait there is more. There is a second topping section that includes sliced salami, bacon, black olives, and jalapenos. The binder also includes a section of six different seasonings.

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With this, the pizza binder comes to an end. But soon after this, Nicole Claughlin takes out a “Forbidden file.” No point in guessing what it includes. Nicole is part of the “no pineapple on the pizza” bandwagon, as the forbidden file carries only one section with chopped pineapples. The video also shows a “finale folder,” which includes a pizza cutter, ranch and some more seasonings like chilli flakes. Sharing the video she simply wrote, “Pizza binder.”

In no time, the comments section was flooded with innumerable pizza lovers expressing their views. Many believed that this binder policy should be followed in all restaurants.

A comment read, “All restaurants should do this in my opinion.”

Some even suggested a few ingredients that were missed out of the binder. A user said, “The only thing missing in the finale files is hot sauce or buffalo sauce!!!”

Witnessing Nicole’s organising skills, some users expressed their wish to see her refrigerator. “Now show the inside of your fridge I’m hella interested,” wrote a user.

A few called her, “You’re a mad genius.”

Needless to say, many pineapple supporters also jumped in the conversation, as a user said, “I don’t care pineapple DOES belong on pizza.”

“A real-life cookbook,” another user said.

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What are your views about this pizza binder?

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