On Discovering This Dish In Her Dabba, Shraddha Kapoor Was Filled With Joy

The nature of Shraddha Kapoor’s love for food is quite relatable. The actress frequently charms her online family with sneak peeks into her culinary adventures. From golgappas to vada pav, Shraddha’s culinary diaries scream desi from miles away. What’s the latest update, you may be wondering? The actress, in her Instagram Stories, has expressed her love for poha. This breakfast dish is a staple in Indian households and is loved by many. “Dabbe mei poha dekhne ki khushi hi kuch aur hai (The joy of seeing poha inside your tiffin is something else),” she captioned the clip. The fluffy poha was kept in what looked to be casserole dish. Shraddha garnished it with sev bhujiya to add some crisp and crunch.

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Before this, Shraddha Kapoor posted another relatable foodie moment. Her love for fries was so strong that even on a Goa trip, she resorted to a plate of this crispy snack. Showing the long cuboid fry to the camera, she first dipped it into a red sauce and took a wholesome bite. Her joyful expressions and happy smile were evidence of how much she enjoyed her fries. “Goa aake sirf fries khaaye aur memes share kiya (Only ate fries and shared memes in Goa), read her honest caption. 

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Earlier, Shraddha Kapoor treated fans to two distinct street-style foods — pani puri and ragda patties. Both of them were prepared by her aunts. Shraddha’s naughty grin while holding a plate of the snack item, gave us an inkling that the actress ate and left no crumbs behind, quite literally. Accompanying the crispy ragda patties there was a bowl of green and red chutney, some masala, and an apple. The pani puri plate comprised flour balls, alongside boiled potatoes, green moong beans, and the two condiments. “Foodies United,” she wrote in the caption. 

We cannot wait for Shraddha Kapoor’s next foodie update!

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