Notepad On Windows 11 Get These Two Popular Features After 40 Years

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Popular features are coming to Notepad after 40 years

Popular features are coming to Notepad after 40 years

Notepad has been around 40 years on Windows but some of the popular features are only coming out with the Windows 11 version.

In good news for Notepad users, Microsoft has rolled out spellcheck and autocorrect in the Notepad app in Windows 11 — 40 years after the text editor was first introduced in Windows in 1983.

The tech giant started testing both features in March. According to multiple reports, it has now quietly begun rolling out both the features for Windows 11 users. The spellcheck feature is nearly identical to how Word or Microsoft Edge highlight misspelled words, with a red underline to show errors.

The users can enable or disable spellcheck on a file type basis in Notepad for Windows 11. Microsoft has been adding new features to its Notepad app for Windows 11. Notepad now offers character count, dark mode, tabs, Copilot integration, and even a virtual fidget spinner.

In December last year, Notepad app on Windows 11 received a character count feature at the bottom, similar to how Microsoft Word counts the number of words in a document.

When text is selected, the status bar shows the character count for both the selected text and the entire document.

Another latest addition is an autosave feature that eliminates the need for the pop-up save prompt when closing the app.

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