Indian Govt Warns iPhone Users About This ‘Transnational Courier Scam’: Here’s What You Should Know

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iPhone users are being warned by the Indian govt about this fake message scam

iPhone users are being warned by the Indian govt about this fake message scam

The new fake India post delivery message scam is now targeting iPhone users in the country and the government has a stern warning for these people.

iPhone users in India have been given a major security warning about a new transnational scam that can be used to hack your device or steal money from the bank account. The alert comes via Cyber Dost which is a cybersecurity division of the Indian government. Generally iPhone users feel safe with their devices but with episodes like Pegasus spyware breaking that myth, it is vital that even those using iPhones need to be vigilant and smart about what messages and calls they receive or read.

iPhone Security Alert – What It Says

The new fake post message alert for iPhone users is identical to the India Post fake message that Android users were warned about last month. The message shared by Cyber Dost reads, “ Your package has arrived at the warehouse and we attempted delivery twice but were unable to due to incomplete address information. Please update your contact details within 48 hours otherwise the package will be returned.”

The biggest concern regarding this message is that the scamsters add a website link where you are asked to update the address for delivery. It goes without saying that nobody should ever click on website links shared through messages from unknown sources.

The warning is serious because these fake message scams have the potential to steal your personal information by asking you to share details on malicious websites provided via a URL within the message and people are being asked to be careful of such instances.

Fake iMessage Post Scam – What You Should Do

The Indian government has a clear warning for these iPhone users, asking them to avoid entertaining such messages and even report if they get one.

– Avoid clicking on suspicious links

– Disable read receipts for such messages

In case you do become a victim of an online financial fraud of this nature, the security agency wants you to call 1930 right away and file your complaint with the authorities who will then act on the events.

Most government agencies use the URL for their websites and the actual India Post URL has the same. You can always cross-check for these links online before opening them as they could offer access to your device/account to bad actors.

iPhone users might say that their data is secure thanks to the platform but if you do end up opening web pages inadvertently of this nature, chances are no level of security can protect you from these scams. So, it is time to be aware and careful about the messages you read and don’t panic if these alarming messages come your way.

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