How To Improve Digestion: 3 Things You Should Never Do After Meals As Per Nutritionist

Do you experience acidity or other digestive issues right after eating your meal? There can be several contributing factors causing this trouble. If you are eating clean and healthy food and still having digestive trouble, you may be committing certain errors after eating your food. In a recent Instagram video, Nutritionist Deepsikha Jain shared three common mistakes after eating food that can negatively affect your digestive health. “Neglecting these small things after eating a big meal is affecting your health and weakening digestion,” she wrote in the caption. Let’s take a look:

Here Are 3 Common Post-Meal Mistakes That Could Be Disturbing Your Digestion:

1. Lying Down After Eating Food

The first common mistake the nutritionist shares is lying down immediately after eating your food. Many people follow this practice after having their lunch or dinner. However, this habit can lead to acidity. The nutritionist explains, “Don’t lie down because food is still in your stomach and it may pass in your esophageal tract, causing acid reflux, acidity, and burping.”

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2. Taking A Bath After Eating

Many people go for a bath after eating their meal, especially on a weekend when they may hop into the shower after having their lunch. However, doing so can disturb your digestion. According to Deepsikha Jain, “Don’t take a bath (right after having your meal) because it suppresses the blood flow to the stomach and hinders digestion. When you take a shower, blood circulation increases in other parts of your body instead of the stomach. This can cause digestion problems.”

3. Drinking Water During/After Meal

Lastly, the nutritionist advises against drinking water or any other fluids with or immediately after eating your food. “No fluids with meals and after eating food as it dilutes stomach acids and causes gastric problems,” the nutritionist explains. Further, in the comments section, she adds that a “small sip is okay but chugging down plenty of water is not.” Many people also asked in the comments section if it is ok to drink buttermilk along with your meal. The nutritionist wrote that “after 20-30 minutes is ok.”
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Here Are Some More Healthy Tips To Improve Digestion

If you are looking for more tips to improve your digestion, the following are some suggestions shared by the NHS (National Health Services) UK:

  • Fill up on fibre to prevent constipation
  • Drink plenty of fluids to aid digestion
  • Cut down on fat for a healthy gut
  • Go easy on spice to avoid tummy troubles
  • Beware of foods that trigger your digestive symptoms

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Following these tips may help to improve your digestion and reduce gastric issues. It is best to consult your doctor for any such health problems.

Disclaimer: This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your doctor for more information. NDTV does not claim responsibility for this information.

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