Holika Dahan 2024: Shubh Muhurat, Pooja Vidhi, Samagri, Mantra and all you need to know

A day before the festival of Holi, Hindus all over the world celebrate Choti Holi in the form of Holika Dahan. The Holika Dahan too is a significant ritual and a part of the vibrant festival of Holi.
Holika Dahan involves the burning of bonfires on the eve of Holi, during the night of the full moon, and is a symbol of victory of good over evil. The legend and story behind the Holika Dahan or ‘burning of Holika’ dates back to ancient Hindu mythology and can be better understood with the legend of Prahlad and Holika.
According to beliefs and scriptures, there was once a powerful demon king named Hiranyakashyap. Hiranyakashyap had a boon from Lord Brahma that made him practically indestructible. With his newfound powers, Hiranyakashyap grew arrogant and demanded that everyone worship him as a god for he too had the same powers and might. But, he faced objections from his own family. His own son, Prahlad, a follower of Lord Vishnu, refused to obey his father’s orders.
Hiranyakashyap grew angry with his son’s disobedience, and attempted to kill Prahlad in various ways. But, each time, he was miraculously saved by Lord Vishnu’s divine intervention. Growing increasingly desperate to remove the obstacle in his way, his own son, Hiranyakashyap sought the help of his sister, Holika. Holika was blessed with a special power – immunity to fire and so together, they devised a plan to kill Prahlad by tricking him into sitting on a pyre with Holika.
As the fire was lit, Holika sat on the pyre with Prahlad on her lap, expecting him to burn while she remained unharmed. However, due to Prahlad’s devotion to Lord Vishnu and his pure heart, Lord Vishnu is said to have protected him, and it was Holika who burnt in the flames despite her immunity.

Holika Dahan (1)

From that day onwards, Holika Dahan is celebrated a day before Holi to mark this victory of devotion and pure heartedness over evil and arrogance. People gather wood to build bonfires in public spaces, homes, and temples. Before lighting the bonfire, prayers are also done to seek blessings for prosperity. It is believed that jumping over the flames of the Holika Dahan purifies the soul and brings good luck.
Shubh Muhurat of Holika Dahan 2024
This year Holi falls on March 25 and as Holika Dahan is done a day before, the date for Holika Dahan will be Sunday, March 24. Along with the date, the Muhurat for Holika Dahan is said to be from 11:13 PM to 12:27 AM on March 25.
According to Drik Panchang, “Bhadra Punchha – 06:33 PM to 07:53 PM, Bhadra Mukha – 07:53 PM to 10:06 PM, Holika Dahan during Pradosh with Bhadra
Purnima Tithi Begins – 09:54 AM on Mar 24, 2024
Purnima Tithi Ends – 12:29 PM on Mar 25, 2024”

Pooja vidhi for Holika dahan

The Pooja Vidhi for Holika Dahan is a simple ritual where families and people from communities gather together. It is seen as a victory of good over evil and thus is a celebration in itself.
Collecting the materials: Before the pooja starts, devotees gather wood, twigs, and other materials to build a bonfire. The burning of these materials symbolise the removal of negativity and the win of righteousness.

Holika Dahan (2)

Preparing the bonfire: On the eve of Holi, a designated common area is chosen for the bonfire. The wood and other materials are arranged in a pyre-like structure and people gather around it.
Setting up the altar: An altar then set up near the bonfire, and on the altar are pictures or idols of Lord Vishnu, Prahlad, and Holika. Along with the idols, there are flowers, incense sticks, and other offerings.
Offering prayers: Once all the materials are brought, people from families and communities gather around the bonfire to offer prayers. They chant mantras and hymns dedicated to Lord Vishnu, asking for his blessings for protection and prosperity. Some common prayers recited during this time include the Vishnu Sahasranama and the Holika Dahan mantra.
Firing the bonfire: Days before the Holika Dahan actually happens, an auspicious time or Muhurat is decided by the pandit ji and then based on traditional customs, the bonfire is lit. As the flames rise, people offer coconut shaving, grains, and other offerings into the fire.
Parikrama around the fire: After the bonfire is lit, devotees perform Parikrama or circumambulation around the fire while chanting prayers and singing bhajans.

Puja samagri for Holika Dahan

To perform Holika Dahan, you’ll need a few things that can be found easily in markets as Holi approaches.
First, some Gangajal to sprinkle near the area and people present. Then, a garland made of cow dung, some rice grains for akshat, flowers and garlands for the idols and red vermilion. People also include batashe, gulal and coconut in their puja and then for distributing as prasad.

Mantra to recite

Different people chant different mantras during the Holika Dahan.
Some chant the simple mantra of ‘Om Holikaaye Namah’, while others chant the Vishnu Sahasranama.
Another mantra chanted once the Holika Dahan is completed is – अहकूता भायत्रस्तैः क्रता त्वं होली बालिशैः. अतस्वां पूजयिश्यामी भूति-भूती प्रदायनिम्॥
This mantra is believed to avert any evil or negativity that comes your way and opens the doors of your home to positivity, abundance and good energies.

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