Gordon Ramsay Partners With Travel Food Services To Launch 6 Dining Outlets In Indian Airports

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In a groundbreaking culinary development, renowned Michelin star chef Gordon Ramsay is set to elevate the dining experience at Indian airports through a partnership with Travel Food Services (TFS), India’s leading travel food and beverage company. The collaboration will bring Ramsay’s signature concepts, Gordon Ramsay Plane Food, Street Pizza, Street Burger, and Gordon Ramsay Plane Food To-Go, to major Indian airports.
The three-year agreement, announced today, will see the launch of six restaurants by 2027, with the first sites opening in the final quarter of 2024. “The initiative aims to transform terminal dining into an exhilarating, top-tier gastronomic adventure,” according to the official press release.
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Gordon Ramsay’s culinary ventures are known for their exquisite flavours and creativity. The new airport restaurants will offer travellers a taste of his renowned cooking style. Gordon Ramsay Plane Food will focus on all-day pre-departure dining, Street Pizza will feature artisanal pizzas, Street Burger will offer gourmet burgers with bold flavours, and Plane Food To-Go will provide convenient, high-quality meals for those on the move.
Varun Kapur, Executive Director of TFS, described the partnership as “a monumental culinary event.” He added, “Gordon Ramsay’s iconic brands will deliver an unprecedented fusion of flavour and finesse, further adding excitement to the Indian travellers’ journey and making their dining experience unforgettable.”
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Andy Wenlock, CEO of Gordon Ramsay Restaurants, expressed his enthusiasm for the venture, saying, “Indian airports are the new stage for our culinary journey, and we are excited to see how travellers embrace these vibrant, flavour-intense dining experiences.”
Travellers and food enthusiasts alike are eagerly anticipating this innovative food collaboration, which promises to make airport dining a memorable part of their journey.

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