Google I/O 2024 Keynote: Android 15, Gemini AI Update And More We Expect To See

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Google I/O 2024 date confirmed and we expect a mega AI fest this year

Google I/O 2024 date confirmed and we expect a mega AI fest this year

Google I/O 2024 keynote will show us the new Android version, some new exciting AI updates and more for the developers.

It is finally time for the Google I/O 2024 this week and people will be eager to see the new AI tech and Android features that will be coming to everyone later this year. Google CEO Sundar Pichai will once again take the stage and preside over a keynote along with his executives to talk about AI, Pixel and a lot more.

Google has already shown its AI prowess in the last few months, now available via Search, Gemini on mobile and more. But the company clearly has more in store, enabling developers to take their apps to the next level. So, what is expected from the Google I/O 2024 keynote in terms of the new products and AI features? Here’s a quick round-up of what we could see on Tuesday.

Google I/O 2024 Keynote Date And Timings

Google I/O 2024 keynote will be hosted on Tuesday, May 14 at 10:30 PM IST for those watching the event in India. The live stream of the I/O 2024 keynote will be available on the Google YouTube page.

Google I/O 2024: What We Expect To See

Google is expected to continue its focus on AI this year, and we might hear more about its applications for Android. The Pixel phones have already been boosted with the Gemini Nano AI model, but the company could have something lined up for the affordable devices as well. Google has an extensive plan for its AI products and now it is about bringing it to a wider audience.

The Pixel 8a has already launched in India and other markets, so Google has made it easier for itself by taking down one product launch from the keynote

Having said that, we are hopeful that Google’s Pixel Fold 2 or Tablet 2 could be talked about at the event this week, while also sharing details about Android 15 that is already available in the closed beta avatar. Some of the new Android 15 features have been teased in recent weeks and Google will basically use the platform to detail these upcoming tools and features.

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