‘Find My Remote’ Comes With Android 14 For People Who Lose Their Remote A Lot

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Google TV users can make sure they don't lose the remote anymore

Google TV users can make sure they don’t lose the remote anymore

Losing a remote is quite easy and Google realises that bringing Find My support will help millions of TV users.

Google has announced the latest version of its Android operating system for TV. The latest development was rolled out at the I/O developer conference last week. One of the highlights of the Android 14 for TV is the new ‘Find My Remote’ feature.

It is expected that the ‘Find My Remote’ update will support Android 14 TV devices. Will it also work on the older versions?

If the ‘Find My Remote’ feature is made available to older devices through updates, the users will have to to update their remote.

Similar features to Find My Remote have already been included in some of the best streaming devices, such as various Roku streamers. The feature was designed to find a lost remote by emitting a sound to alert users to its location.

Walmart’s Onn 4K TV Pro also offers a similar feature. They can do this by pressing a button on the front of the box, which will trigger this alert with both a beep and a flashing LED light on the remote. The light and beeps will continue for 30 seconds if the remote is within 30 feet of the streaming box.

Meanwhile, Google has also introduced a new feature on its payment app. Now, users can opt for buy now and pay later option.

In their blog post, the tech giant said, ““Buy now, pay later” is becoming an increasingly popular payment option. Earlier this year we started piloting a way to show buy now, pay later options — including Affirm and Zip — when checking out online with Google Pay. And we’ve recently expanded buy now, pay later to even more merchant sites and Android apps across the U.S. Shoppers can either link their existing account or sign up with a provider right then and there.

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