Did You Know You Could Make Bhajiyas And Namkeen With Leftover Rotis? Watch Viral Video

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Leftover food often puts us in a dilemma of how to make full use of it. While it is easy to transform leftover sabzi and chicken into biryani, what about those remaining rotis from last night? In a recent viral video, a vlogger demonstrates a few dishes that can be prepared using leftover chapatis. She advises internet users to follow the steps of the unique bhajiya recipe if they have quite a number of leftover rotis. The clip begins with her cutting small circles out of the leftover chapatis. Next, she makes a spice mix using red chilli powder, asafoetida, cumin powder, black salt, turmeric powder, salt, citric acid and sugar.

After mixing it all in a blender, she grates boiled potatoes and tops them with chopped onion, green chillies curry leaf, ginger garlic paste, coriander leaves and cumin seeds. Then she kneads it all properly and adds gram flour with a little water. Once the stuffing turns yellow in colour, she keeps it on top of the round sliced chapatis and deep fries it. Voila, your roti bhajiya is ready!

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She also prepares a namkeen mix using the leftover chapatis. She deep-fries the small sliced chapatis and crushes them in a big bowl. She adds the crumbled fried chapatis in a bowl with fried peanuts, puffed rice, coconut and moong dal, which she soaked overnight. Finally, she adds the hero ingredient— the spice mix. Sharing the clip, she mentioned the detailed quantity of the ingredients used in these dishes.

The internet lauded the brilliant idea of making two dishes out of the leftover rotis. A few were so impressed that they urged the woman to try the cooking reality show, Master Chef India. The comment read, “Aap Master Chef me try kijiye. [You must try in Master Chef].”

“Lajawab recipe. [Amazing recipe],” read another.

A user claimed it to be a “good video.”

Another said, “Very nice.”

The comments section was flooded with “wow” and red heart emoticons.

Which of these two recipes do you like the best and would try at home?

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